Untitled & Untiled BT style.

So, this is that blog to show someone you care how much you really care about them. I have never thought I’d click so quick with someone who’s on my level & I’m on hers. We had our first little spat, but it wasn’t life-threatening. It gave each of us a clear idea of how the other one felt towards each other. One thing with me I’ve realized is that when you put your all into something, there’s gotta be something that shows in the end result. If this doesn’t occur, then there’s a problem. Think back on the people you’ve met in your life. If you didn’t show them who you were from the beginning, do you think it would have clicked that the two of you would become friends if not more. Most of the times, we show people what we think they wanna see instead of who we really are. this is where the problems mostly begin. I’m not sitting here saying that I throw myself out there to every single person I meet, but when I do meet someone that I wanna get cool with and close to, then I try to make it evident that I’m all in & I only do so knowing that they’re all in. I’ve found a woman who’s all in and is showing me so every single day. She jokes on me for either how I dress or how I may talk or even drive for that matter, but people are pretty famous for doing that anyway. I’ve been who I am for literally the past 28 years. My style is just alleged for being in it’s own world, & I’m fine with that. I tell people all the time that there is a method to my madness. I think this one is slowly going to understand my madness just as I will get the process behind hers. It’s challenging from time to time, but the challenges are all a part of what makes this a better growth as a whole. Yes, I’m just putting it out there…and no I’m putting no names to avoid all possible saltiness (new word by BT on deck). Anyways, hope you all understand that it is what it is with me & I’m gonna keep doing what I do. It’s been working all these years right? As always, I’ll catch ya.

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