Letting Love Loose

So there’s no telling what life brings your way. Most of the times when it comes your way, you’re mostly forced to do your best to take it all in. No need spending time trying to question or figure out why life is the way it is. I’ve briefly talked about it before, but i will be the first to come clean in saying that I’ve got a good woman in my life. Now, I know what a lot of you are gonna say…it’s barely been a month. You really don’t know her. The two of you haven’t done anything. You haven’t gone through any problems. And personally I could give you all of that and then some. What I WILL say however is that our connection is pretty strong. It’s got a true solid foundation, & we are making things flow better each day. Sometimes we don’t see eye to eye, but after we sit back and just stay calm about the whole thing, then we both realize that it’s only a matter of time before we really see and know that we do care about each other a lot. Many times, our presentation to another person plays a key part to whether or not a person will like us or not. I was very clear that I was just looking to get to know her & I guess that drew the spark. I’m not gonna blast & throw the full details out there, but I will say that we have both been able to come correct & clean about things towards each other. She has been pretty stable and eager to be in my life as far as I’m concerned. anyways, I just thought I’d take time to write this. I won’t post this on Facebook solely because I have always been throwing stuff up there that doesn’t need to go, & this is one I’ll keep kinda low-key. Well, hopefully I’ll get some true writing going sooner than later. As always, come correct or don’t come at all when BT is involved. Peace peace.

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