Hope prayer

A poem of prayer

Dear God. I think that I should start writing these type of blogs or notes just to let you know that you’ve given me so many good things. Most of the times, I’m spending my time whining and wishing over what I don’t have, & by doing this, I end up realizing that my humbleness starts to go out of the window. Dear God, I come to you saying thank you. Currently, you’ve placed me in one of the most challenging relationships I’ve EVER experienced in my life. Everyday I wake up, I wonder to myself what can I do right, & then I sit with her and realize that I can practically do no wrong. Our tension day to day is very unnecessary, & I know that we can get past these small stumbles and bumbles as they come…it’s just a matter of getting past them. Our communication is as genuine as it gets. I learn a lot from being around her, & most of all, my patience is tested and worked with daily, & I’m normally able to be the cooler head. I think more than anything, I’ve been able to keep her on the right path w/ the right attitude about things, & I think that’s been helping us. There are a lot of things that she does that if any other female did so, I would have already left, but I’m learning to just look at the good that I do have in front of me. Many of my friends who know me on a personal level know that this relationship is not your average relationship I would be in (based on those who I have shared info with…and it isn’t that many), but those who do understand that I’m pretty happy and actually kinda quiet in my socializing world because of this. True there are times when I go out and lash my true thoughts on paper or just say what I feel, but I think doing this from time to time never hurts. Right now God I’m asking that you stay strong within our relationship, & more than anything, teach us both how to pray in this relationship, because we need it more than anyone would realize. It’s only been a month and a week, but in the time we’ve been together, I’m working to get through many of her ways & I know for a fact that she’s trying to figure me out daily, so just help us. These things I ask in your name Amen.


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