Calling me out..

OK, I think that after sitting here thinking about the way things have been going in my relationship, it’s only fitting to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time…call myself out on my own shit. I’d like to forewarn everyone that this blog/note will be as real as they come, because I feel like I’ve done my fair share of fabrication, & there’s no one to blame for this but myself. OK, what I’m going to do is point out as many of my flaws in every way possible. If I miss any, then please share with me so I’ll know my place. This should be interesting…anyways, here we go. I am very goal-oriented. I like to do things a certain way. I’m mostly set in my ways. I like wearing shoes that are preferably black with either red and/or white trim. My budget is finicky. I like to drink 151 (the tattoo speaks for itself). My honesty can sometimes get the best of me. I sometimes hate being called on my own shit. I am partial when it comes to being cornered. I like being vocal and having a backbone. I don’t like a spineless woman. I enjoy challenges. Intellect is key to the equation. I can hold my own liquor. I am pretty bluent like my own mother. I have my mother’s honesty with my father’s heart. I’m defensive when I’m cornered. I sometimes don’t do well with being called on my own BS.

OK, so I know a lot of you are wondering why I called myself out on all of these pros and quirks of who I am. The reason I did this is because I have been noticing that we are all known for pointing out what someone else is doing wrong or doesn’t have together, but we don’t take time to face our own bullshit when it comes our way. This is just our natural nature as far as I’m concerned. We are quick to show when someone else is doing something stupid, but we are in this glass house throwing these stones not realizing who is hurt by what we say. Sometimes, we honestly don’t care, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Anyways, I’m writing with the intent of knowing that everyone around me is human & I’m pretty human my damn self. If I don’t learn this now, then it just might be too late. Hopefully everyone enjoys this blog & all I have to say in this, because my goal is to keep it real and not let my words seem like words, but have a bit of substance behind them. Enjoy the thoughts & look forward to the comments following this one.

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