Calling more of me out

Calling more of me out

Well, yesterday I wrote my fair share of things that otehrs have pointed & I’ve briefly seen what makes me tick. Now that I’m sitting here with a decent amount of thought to this whole thing, I’m gonna post a few that I honestly feel were missing. The first thing is that I’m my worst critic. I’m very quick to point out when I’ve screwed up after someone has drawn it to my attention. At times, yes it may be delayed, but you’ll definitely know that I tried my hardest to hold no punches as to what’s really going through my head. I have MAJOR respect for my elders. Many of them know what they’re talking about & can prepare you for life in a way like no other. I don’t do well with labels, because people get more caught up in the label versus the meaning behind the label. OK, this might dig a little deeper, but I’ll come with it at all costs. I’m the first to admit that I feel & love pretty hard. Sometimes when I’m involved with someone, they think I’m not all in, but the truth is that I’m deeper than some people are used to being. This doesn’t mean that I’m gonna cut folks off, but it does mean that if you’re my girl or my woman, then I’m giving everything that’s necessary to you. The others are basically out back as far as I’m concerned. I don’t do well with trying to read between the lines, or even worse, be told something that I gotta spend AMPLE time thinking my answer through. You’d be surprised what you learn about a person. I think many people take my kindness for weakness. I’m a lover, not a fighter, BUT I will scrap if it’s necessary. No offense, but jail & I aren’t meant to be on one accord. I have a tendency to rush typing causing me to mispell certain words when rushing (as I’m doing now lol). I’m not fond of ebonics, though I’m guilty of utlizing the shorthanded text mesaging lingo. I love music as many of my friends are already aware of. Moves are defined as a gray area for me, because my attention span doesn’t stay locked on the movie. I’m pushing for the plot so we can move on to more productive and worthwhile things. The same applies to sitcoms. Some of them are pretty good the first time, but me repeating a show that was ok the first time…might have to be in the mood to absorb it again. I’ll be the first one to admit that my phone goes away while the movie is on (in the movie theater). I value quality time with my friends, family, & relationship. I sometimes get annoyed by people who aren’t getting enough attention and say things to the point where u just wish you could clean clock ‘em knowing that’s a fond distant memory. I have a battling ear when it comes to an extreme amount of noise when trying to mellow out. I love alone time when I’m able to obtain it. I love alone time with my girlfriend when it’s literally just the two of us, because there are few distractions or things that could seem to be invading our space. Many people are always looking at me trying to figure out what exactly goes through my mind. Maybe that’s just me mentally thinking aloud, but I’ve seen where it has occured where I’m silent & holding strong to my words by writing in my journal or venting in a blog like I am now. One of the biggest things I have to point out about myself is that I really dislike confrontation. However, I still won’t take any BS if I feel like I’m not deserving of it. One thing I should add while I’m thinking is that I’m a good listener. What scares people sometimes is that I can listen to you without directly giving you attention, because you can take the key things from what someone says and mostly run with it. That’s what a lot of people don’t get or like about me. I think this “may” be a good stopping point. More than likely, there are probably some that will point out even more that I haven’t even came close to mentioning. All I can really do is just keep on letting things about me be known & just stick to the truth, because the more you know the more you learn. I know a lot of my friends are probably asking why I’m doing this. The reason I’m personally doing this is because some people know me inside out & know when I’m quiet why I’m that way & then there are those who understand when I’m being vocal, that there’s a reason being vocal & not letting my guard screw me over. Well, again, I hope you all enjoyed this. If you got some, send them via comment or you can even send them as an inbox message. I feel like the only way we can learn is by growing and coming correct with things only as I know how.

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