A True Woman’s Worth

A Real Man Just can’t Deny…A TRUE Woman’s Worth

OK, so you already know that BT is gonna stick to his script & let this blog thing just roll along. We’re going from the man & how he functions & the expectations of him. Now, I think it’s time for BT to do the unthinkable & try to wrap your minds around the way a woman functions. Yes, I am aware that I am not a female, nor will I ever claim to be of the female species. However, I do feel like some men have to think like women (which is sometimes heavy) in order to understand how they function & what makes them tick. Also, between the many female friends I have that are as real as they come, along with my sweeps and swipes of dating women, I feel like they have all and are still teaching me very valuable lessons of how to relate to women and how women think. Ladies, just to make you aware, men won’t always get it right on the first try. Women want things done a certain way, & if it isn’t done their way, then it’s done totally wrong as far as they’re concerned. That’s not the case. Even if you explain something to a man, MOST (not all) we need to see hands on and in person for us to get it. Then, there are some things you can explain or break down to men, & we still won’t get it. That’s just what you define as the true “lost cause” theory as real as I can put it. I’ve gotten a few suggestions & recommendations, so I think it’s only fitting to post a few of those & let the feedback begin on those. OK, now I’m gonna come right out & say that most of these were written raw & true, so I’m gonna state them just as they’re written & add my little two cents as to what the ladies are looking for. Communication…date nights are always a plus…And great sex is a must. OK, wow where do I begin. This one has nothing but realness written all over it. When it comes to communication, you’re better of realizing that you both have to be willing to talk to each other in order to make any progress anywhere in your relationship. If one person is ALWAYS talking while the other is ALWAYS listening, then this isn’t communication. Communication consists of the men learning to listen to their mates. Men sometimes have a tendency to feel that what they say goes. However, you have to sometimes release those reigns & know that if she asks for something to be done, you may have to put down whatever you’re doing to be there for your mate. Guys, we ask women to do this all the time, so don’t be overwhelmed by this like it’s a new thing or something. The communication piece ties right into respect. The both literally go hand in hand. Respect each other & communicate with each other, & nothing should go wrong in my personal opinion. Date nights (or grown up play dates) never hurt. You have to do the things that got you interested in each other in order to keep the two of you interested in each other. Guys should be willing to go out once in a while with their girl & have a bite to eat even if it’s something small or it gives the two of you an opportunity to just sit back & laugh about the things you do or the things you miss about each other. OK, great sex is a must, I must say that there’s so much salt on this wound, that me jumping on it would literally be second nature. You give it to her on the regular, the complaining diminishes. If it goes away or is hardly there, then she’s gonna find somewhere else to get it from. It’s just that simple. 1-forgiveness from the past-forgive and forget “live and learn” 2-communication 3-time 4-sex will come in time, or whatever is not helping you grow, speak up before the problem escalates, if they don’t want to fix it “deuces” I can do bad all by myself! OK, some of these were pointed out in the previous post/message, but I’ll add to the new ones that hit home (and nearly pinch a nerve). Forgiving someone from the past is hard for some people to do especially if the moving on hasn’t been the easiest. You’d be surprised how many people are eager and willing to bring their baggage into the current relationship thinking someone is willing to handle this. The simplest way to move forward is by talking to each other…not at each other or down to each other. This piece by itself is the toughest, but it can also be the easiest if you have the proper state of mind. These pieces of the puzzle truly go hand in hand with each other. Time is a topic that I’m really gonna chime in on real quick. The reason why I’m hopping on this one is because it took me a long time to continue this series, & this topic alone can literally cover all of the issues in their own small/unique way. Many times, we don’t get that much time with our companion, & because of this, there’s some missing friction that seems to creep up when least expected. It honestly shouldn’t be that way, but it happens all the time. Women want to feel loved by their mate, & having the time to do so is important to men. OK, I’m gonna jump on the speaking up and fixing problems post, because I feel like I’m not doing this blog justice like I have done my other ones. Instead of letting and allowing your problems to grow up or build in a relationship, deal with them and make a valiant attempt to face them head on. The reason why is that if you don’t, then there will be some major problems. Causing or forcing problems where there are none is just highly unnecessary. You have multiple ways to communicate. It’s just a matter of how you talk to each other. You just wanna make sure the conversation flows freely w/o there seeming like there are a bunch of wires all over the place. OK, those are the ones that were submitted to me. Now I have some ladies input for the fellas to listen. Men, we gotta do better with listening to women. I’m a personal living witness to this myself. Sometimes they talk and talk and talk, & you wanna just go somewhere and sit in a corner, because you’ve heard enough as it is, but just like you have an opinion, they have one too. The only way anyone is gonna know is by taking time to listen to each other. It’s hard, but instead of being so defensive and having your guard up, hear what they have to say. Ladies have a voice and it hits home in the strangest way at times. Ladies, we may not seem like we’re listening, but the truth is that we’re really hearing more than you think we are. Yes true we can’t repeat it back, but we know how to filter through and cut to the plot and point of the story of what it’s all about. I’ve got more, but I think that this might be the best place for me to cap off this blog before my foot gets further in my mouth, & I have no chance of getting it out. I hope you enjoyed it. Ladies, if you have more or feel like anything I’ve said is true about you all, then please CALL ME OUT ON IT!!!! I think the only way we can learn each other is by trying to communicate on a clear accord/flow with each other. Enjoy and take care.

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