Writing while reflecting

The world we live in
Makes us think twice
About what we do have
As well as what we don’t have
Life is sometimes taken
For granted
People want the simplest things
But when they get it
Then what
Are you willing to change
Or are you the reason for the change
Making change
Being the change
Overcoming obstacles
For no apparent reason
Trying to put this together
Each day
I sit back
I pray
I stand strong
Because I don’t want to seem weak
Due to your lack of strength
Making sense out of all this
One of the hardest things to overcome
I just want what’s best
And this time apart
Is the best thing
For each of us
I’ve held on
For dear life
With nothing to hang on to
But the dream of a grip
That I can’t get close to
Even if I tried
Now as I sit back
And reflect
This writing
Helps me reflect
In a way
Like never before
Writing while reflecting 


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