Valentine’s Day Blog

Valentine’s Day Blog

I’ve kinda let off the writing accelerator, but I think it’s time for me to write my infamous rundown as to why I’m not jumping for joy thanks to the well-known holiday AKA Valentine’s Day. I know htat most people love the fact that a relationship’s stability is sketchy around this time of year. Most of my friends know that they are guaranteed to get a text or a shout out from me telling them Happy Valentine’s Day. I am not even gonna lie…I express a lot more of my thoughts on my Twitter page than I do on Facebook, because there isn’t as much drama on Twitter. If there is, then there’s not much you have to do other than unfollow the person and block them, or act like you don’t even read or see their tweets. Since I have so many followers, I wouldn’t even be that pressed or concerned as to what anyone says on my page, so that’s why it’s no big deal what I say or how I feel on Twitter. I easily grasped the theory that some people try to see how selfish they can become by this time of the year, & it shouldn’t even be that way. I am not ognna flood your thoughts or mind with the frustraion that Valentine’s Day is a love holiday & doesn’t get it’s proper respect. What I will tell you is that some people have a tough time putting holidays on a pedastal and think they should get something during a certain point of the year, but don’t take into account the things they deserve the rest of the year. I think that men and women should get their just attention year around. For instance, people will act like their birthday or an anniversary isn’t important, but then expect for something to happen on Valentine’s Day. I just feel like holidays are placed on pedstals for the wrong reason. A few years ago, I am still holding a grudge about a car accident that I had on the day of Valentine’s Day. I remember it was a clear day that particular day & the girl I was involved with was more concerned about me coming to get her for the holiday & taking her back. It was as if she was extensively backwards. I had someone cross my path tell me today that the only way that I can move forward is that I have to learn to forgive someone for whatever happened in the past. For instance, some people think and wonder if I’ve given my ex for my mentality and my view towards women. Honestly, it didn’t change how I see women. I still like women and love being involved with them. I honestly have more female friends than I do male friends. Most guys aren’t really talking about or doing anything that I wanna deal with. True, to sit and watch or talk about basketball is a guys delight, but I don’t have to do that on a daily basis. I just have a different view when it comes to the holiday. I am the same with Christmas, Easter, even my own birthday. I think that every day I don’t have to push and press myself upon doing something. This year, I will admit that this is my 30th birthday, so I’d love to do something different or have it be enjoyable, but if it isn’t & money doesn’t work that way, then there’s nothing more that I can do other than take it in for what it’s worth. Now, I had a patient state to me that I’m basically cheap when it comes to the holiday. I’d rather be cheap & keep a roof over my head & clothes on my back rather than buy you a bunch of things that you’re gonna enjoy & then a few days get tired of and be ready to leave me because you’re not satisfied. Now, the part that gets me isn’t the actual celebration of Valentine’s Day. It’s the follow-up to the holiday that I’m amazed by, because some people are satisfied and glad it went the way it did while others have their salty attitude about the holiday thinking they should have gotten more or that they were neglected, & want to end the relationship over something extremely stupid. I think the stupidest thing I heard someone say today is that they were planning to break off things right around this time and after the holiday, get candy on sale, & then work to get back with the person and patch it up. The only thing is that you can’t do that every year. I guess it isn’t that serious in my eyes. I have a direct straightforward presentation. If you want me to do something, then I’m not the one. I’m too busy trying to keep what I have together, & that by itself is a lot to take on in more ways than some people would believe. Relationships will work you if you let them. I’m not saying that if you’re happy to find a reason to go so you can be single again. To those who are married (for instance my parents for 30…going on 31…years & happy every step of the way) I think that valentine’s day isn’t that serious. I like when it’s stated “why didn’t you get me anything this year”. For me, that conversation returns “the reason I didn’t get you anything last year…you want all of these things in the house, & I am working hard to keep them on and together”. I think that some women don’t realize that I’m relationship ready, but you have to be ready to take on me & my ways. We all have our ways…and mine are one of a kind. My friends will vouch for this. Anyways, this isn’t a relationship application, but I think that we need to know what we want and then we can get whatever we’re trying to go after from our partner. Just a true/pure thought. Hope this blog was enjoyable, & I don’t mean to cut it brief & short, but I’m just doing my job of putting that good bug in your ear & make my thoughts worthwhile. Plan to do this again sooner than later & it feels good to be able to write what I feel and not care or worry about what others think.

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