Late night vent…

So, before I get too heavy & deep with this writing, I would like to take time to thank those of my friends & family who are working on either blogs or books or have plans in the works that are geared towards their respective movements. What I would like to see is that I see a lot of people doing a lot of things. I think that if I wanna see myself doing something productive and positive, then I need to just take time to get up and let off the brake before I miss out on the plans I have in store for my life. When it comes to having my hands in a lot of fires, there’s no denying that I have myself all over the place. My TRUE friends know this. I’m never focused or sitting thinking on one thing. I can strongly say that being on vacation last week helped me grow a lot as a person (and fall apart financially, but I’m not highly or completely crumbled). I think that my spiritual placement has increased in a way I didn’t even expect. Now, before I write and delve into this, it won’t change or extremely alter my thinking or way of being an individual. It’s just helped me deal with people and act on things a lot different than I normally would. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of things different. For instance, I’ve been adhering to what my mother says, & it’s helped me get things back on track. For instance, I’m FINALLY getting my TV situated, & I should have been working towards getting a TV years ago, but I was trying to deal with it like everything was fine. I got like a good 5 years out of the thing. Now, the next thing I have to get is an XBOX 360. My gaming drug is in need of an upgrade and I’m ready to release myself from the Wii. My mother is interested in the Wii, so I know it will have a good home. OK after all of my random thoughts, I’m proud and happy to announce that Instagram is on the Android platform. Many of my friends who are #teamiPhone don’t like this, but what can you expect. Change is only good when it’s beneficial. I’m not really gonna go too far with this blog. I’ll have to write up and prepare a full blog of what’s really going on, so this is my safe stopping point. I’ll do my best to get more out there the next time…promise!!!

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