Mother’s Day Poem from last year


My women

Who have kids

Or even play

The role of parents

With their men

And to the fellas

Who are doing their part

To be there for their child

This poem goes out to you

I just wish you knew

How much my mom means to me

And how much your “mom” means to you

Its about the caring

And the time well spent

Her or him hearing your stories

Her or him healing those cuts

When u fell off the bike

The many songs you’ve heard

On the radio

Dear mama

A song for mama

I’ll always love my momma

And the list

Like the whispers

Goes on & on

So today

Give the man

Or woman

Who plays the role of


A hug

And a smile

Letting her know

That you care

A phone call

Could be the common cure


We honor you


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