Mothers of 2012

Mothers of 2012

And those men
Who try to be the lady 
Of the house
The role of Mother
Has really revolutionized
Yeah that’s my big word
But really
The role of mom
Isn’t just cooking
And cleaning
And that other thing
To draw some sort of incentive
I went there
And then some
But now
Mothers are grinding
They’re the CEOs
They’re the leaders
Of the old
And new school
No offense
But fellas
We need to step it up
Because the mothers
Are handling the 9 months of labor
While workin
And cooking
And cleaning
And financing
And even maintaining the upkeep
Of home
And life for that matter
The sweat & tears
Are sometimes hidden
By your pretty smile ladies
But deep down
We know
Well I know
That you’re doing it all
And then some
So mothers of 2012
I salute you
And commend you
For being the best mothers
Who keep standing
And longer
For better
Stay stronger
As a mother
Of 2012


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