A blog to touch the surface…

Now, anytime I write a blog at 3 in the morning, that means either there is something on my mind, or I just love writing too damn much. OK, let’s just say it’s both. In all seriousness, I have come to realizing that we as people try too hard to impress people, when the truth is that if you take time to read what is being presented, it’ll be obvious that their BS is exactly what it is…BS. You’d be surprised by how the transformations that come into your life will either be too much for others, or be the time when they will sit and say “it’s about time you’ve moved forward”. Moving forward doesn’t mean you have to uproot your life and all that you have worked hard for. Just hear me out on this one. I know that I’m averting from my promised “relationship blog series”, but I promise I’ll come back to that. Anyone who knows me knows that I will jump right back into that conversation with no problem. So, the last few days, I’ve done a lot of resurfacing of the real BT…not figments and sections that people see on my blogs or social medias. Personally, I have enjoyed every moment of it. It’s a lot simpler to accept that making others happy is the way, but when you realize how time-consuming that is, you will learn to focus more on you & what you need to do for yourself. As I mentioned, I’ve learned and see how there are a fair amount of my friends who have been in my life back in my Hotmail days, & may still have that e-mail address stored in their e-mail account. I’ve even had some people tell me that they got spammed by that account (which is a shame since I hardly check it other than for my gaming phase…which I’ll possibly jump into in just a moment). I think as you can see, this blog will go in a lot of directions, but there’s a reason (which many of my friends hear me say time and time again). Anyways, there are about 4 or 5 of my friends who go back to that Hotmail phase. A few of them I met in person either once or twice and some of them I have NEVER seen in person, but we have a great relationship of being able to talk online (away from FB or even Twitter) and just check in to see how everything is going. They may receive this blog that I’m working on right now. I have then built friendships after I graduated high school that just came over time, & they hit at a good point of my life. Many of them fell accidentally into my friend zone, but they’re the best of friends like no other. Now, before I go any further (and yes I’m about to expose a lot, so bare with me) I would like to say that many of my friends are obviously female, but I think that part of that has to do with how I relate to women better than I do guys, because in my personal opinion, the women who try to “top” or boast their chest out bigger with what they have or what they’re doing don’t impress me. If you don’t remember that blog, go back and look for One-Uppers. That’s a tedious process to get through sometimes. Anyways, the truth is that I’ve built some good friendships with many people, & a lot of those friendships are as strong and as adhesive as possible. However, many of them have just not been held together with the right type of glue. Is there anyone to blame for this? Of course  not. I think that the truth is that a relationship or friendship requires the true form of substance and consistency. Now, don’t get me wrong, pushing yourself out there once in a while to say doesn’t hurt, but when it doesn’t reciprocate, you shouldn’t be surprised if that Frisbee is thrown. Instead, it’s a boomerang that you throw and ends up coming back. OK, if that one went over your head, then here’s something honest about me. Life goes as I go. If I’m on autopilot, then basically, you have to respect and accept it. Things around me could be moving at the speed of light, but if nothing is broke, & I have no reason to just wake up and jump into something I don’t need to, then I’ll stick to my style and routine. Over the past 10 plus years, I realized that the words “routine” & “comfort” are a pair of words that stick in the back of my brain, & I wouldn’t change that for the world. It shows that they mean a lot to me. Finally, the main thing that I want to point out, & I know that this one might catch folks off guard, but communicating with SUBSTANCE!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! You just don’t know how important that is with ANYONE in your life. It doesn’t even have to be the person you’re married to, dating, engaged to, but even down to the people who you meet on a daily basis. I’ll put it to you this way…if you meet someone and they are constantly pulling and reaching for conversation, that is sadly one of their weak points. Don’t kill or shoot the messenger, but it’s a pretty cut & dry theory when you look at it. Letting a conversation just flow is one of the best gifts you could ask for. And yes, I will go ahead and expose that one of my quotes will point this out, but if you forget now, then that will make it even easier when you see it cross your timelines at 9am. OK, so in review, I’ve pointed out how substance can be very pivotal when coming in regular contact with others. I mentioned to you how a groove and routine is good (even though meshing a few different things in there never hurts). Most importantly, improving yourself without others seeing or being there through it all may be hard for others, but it may be even harder for you to see as it all just comes together in a way like never before. And finally, I’m on a war path that involves me moving in only one direction, & that’s up. Yeah you may see me dressed or doing the same things, but in the background, you’d be surprised how much I’m constantly on the move involving myself or putting my hands in something. And before I go any further, I want to mention that I’m doing none of this myself. This all my team…#teamBT. Now, I know that sounds egotistical and selfish, but hear me out for a second. My friends that have supported me from day one just as I’ve supported them from the beginning are already locked into the team. It’s not that hard to get in and seriously, a lot of people are in and don’t even know it. OK, I have to find a stopping point, & anyone who knows me when it comes to writing knows that my Energizer & Duracell skills can kick in at any time. I hope that I left a good thought in your head or even made you evaluate something going on personally in your life. Just don’t beat me up for what I’m pointing out that’s real. Just beat me up for letting you know now before you hear it from someone else & it could possibly be too late. On that note, this is BT Express signing out, sharing that not only have you been warned, but that the moon and the stars is what we should be searching and reaching for. I’ll catch you guys later.

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