Thirst bucket

Thirst bucket

Ok, I think I had to hit the title a little harder in order to make my point a little more clearer in this one. I feel that there are some men and women who don’t know how to handle or even worse carry the traits of being thirsty. This is a topic that conflicts both men & women. The reason I say this is because men get thirsty when they see women wearing less clothes & women get thirsty by trying to say or do things that they normally wouldn’t do to someone to get their attention. Now, don’t get me wrong, I want everyone out here to be happy and find someone that fits their groove & aura. However, a hard trait that occurs is when you see a woman just doing some things that would NEVER do to draw attention. The problem then becomes are they drawing the attention that they were looking for to begin with. OK, I know that the title says Thirst Buckets, but hear me out on this one. I am not saying that if you’re interested in someone that you shouldn’t step outside of that box and do a few things that you normally wouldn’t do. However, the problem the occurs when you aren’t consistent with doing those things that you were doing when you first grabbed that person’s attention. Now, as far as men, I am just gonna come right out & say it…MANY MEN ARE CERTIFIED UNOFFICIAL THIRST BUCKETS. They see that leg or thigh as if the woman is a piece of chicken (or even worse, a breast or enough cleavage to go crazy) & the guy will literally put all of his effort in trying to talk to that girl. I’d like to also state that there are what I would like to call levels of thirst. The first level that is the simplest would be just water thirst. You want it to “wet your whistle”, but you’re not looking for any type of after taste or after affect behind it. It’s there, it’s available, so you go after it…plain & simple. Then, the one that’s frequently seen is the Gatorade thirst. Yes yes yes, I know that Gatorade has the sweet taste with a splash of salty sodium flavoring, but the truth of the matter is that this thirst is what sparks and ignites the tension & buildup. Plus, one thing that you have to factor in that seems to go under the radar is whether having this thirst is even worth it. Meaning, are you after an immediate thirst quench, or are you looking forward to drinking or getting with her like a fine wine and will let it happen with time. Watch out now. Did I go deep on some of you. Put it like this…people who drink have different tastes and preferences of drinking. Some people want a drink that they will actually enjoy & cherish. Some people just want the quick shot and don’t even wanna realize that they had it. Yes, being that I’m a lush & I’m #team151, I’m gonna go a little outside of the box with my non-drinkers, but work with me. That temporary fix you’re going for prolonging drinking on that beer that might have a bitter taste will be nothing compared to taking on that shot of tequila or even a mixed drink that will give you a buzz, but you’ll enjoy it along the way. The intentions and plans behind going after that drink to “quench” your thirst REALLY factors into what you’re looking for. That woman who’s wearing the small skirt causing guys to call her a hoe or a slut is the message she wanted, but not to the extreme she was receiving it. Fellas, when you see a woman like that, are you doing the “LL” lip-licking aura and trying to figure out ever way you can do or screw her. Or are you thinking about what she likes to do in her spare time? Oh, I know I just messed people up with that one. I’ll even break it down like this. If that same female had on a pair of baggy jeans and a long sleeve shirt, would she still get the same attention, or would they notice her like she doesn’t exist? I’m tempted to leave you with that thought, but instead, I will leave you with this…and this is a fair shot to my fellas and the queens of the world. Women, your body is a temple. Treat it as one. If you make it seem like a high-rise and anybody can come in and do whatever they want, then they’re gonna do that and then some. Men, don’t treat women like trash or think of them like they don’t matter. And men, PLEASE avoid violence. Ladies, you don’t have to hit a man to make your point either. I know I’m kinda jumping out of this blog a little, because this topic will be part of my series, but it’ll come together (as I’m hoping it will). Most of my readers who are sticking with me are seeing my announcements slowly leak in spells. I’m doing more than most realize. So, in a nutshell, don’t be a thirst bucket. Be a worthwhile person…whether man or woman. And guys, to emphasize this strongly, not every woman is thirsty and looking to be drank like a bottle of water, a 16 oz of Gatorade, or even worse, a watermelon slurpee (OK, I’m wrong, so I’m closing out on that note). Until next time, the Mad Blogga will keep on doing what he does & writing the way he loves.

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