Improvement in the past

Improvement on the Past

OK, I have the house music going (not one of the best House stations, but it’ll do) & I’m doing my best to just keep my head on right & handle everything that’s falling in front of me. I don’t have a lot that I’m dealing with, but sometimes it seems like I have the world and then some on my shoulders wondering if I’m doing enough or not giving the best of myself.

Well, I thought house music would work, but I’ve resorted to my infamous musical station called Radio Disco on TuneIn radio. I wrote this blog, & I initially felt that there wasn’t much that I was dealing with, but the truth is that I have a lot more weight on my shoulders than I’m used to. I know that this week of vacationing should consist of me relaxing and doing my best to stay sane, but it has been working out when it wants to. I’ve been finding excuses and bailouts left & right when it shouldn’t even be that way. The truth is that I’ve been biting off more than I can chew knowing that I have trust in others around me feeling that I won’t be doing this solo. Tying this into the title, I’ve sat down & thought about how I’m improved on the past, & it always links me to my ex. When I left her, there were many pieces of transitions that came, were seen, & have or will be conquered causing me to be a better man. I’m less than two weeks away from turning 30, & even though I don’t have anything particular planned, the primary moment for me will consist of the fact that I’m acknowledging the fact that I’ll be 30 years old & have lived a fair share of my life that not many have gotten the opportunity to see. As of late, I’ve been so heavy in getting this campaigning going that I want everyone around me to know how important it is to get out there and get your voice heard. I almost feel like I’m about to write this in a non-partisan manner, because the truth is that my voter registration flow has been my other life in so many words. My friends on Twitter & Facebook constantly see me posting information day after day after day about getting closer & closer to this election. The more people who have hands involved, the better. I know for fact that it’s nearing crunch time, so I already know what to expect. It takes the village to get what we’re going after accomplished. Don’t worry, I won’t preach to you all this morning. What I will say, however, is that the past 8 months have been nothing short of improvement month after month. It all started back in January. I turned the page on my ex (I’m kinda exposing my year in review for 2012, but you all will read that one too, because if it’s your first time, you’ll really enjoy reading this one). Anyways, in January, my sister exposed that I need to get the ball rolling on writing my book. The first few months of 2012, I worked on the book. In the midst of me writing, I got linked up with a person I practically call my big sis Yoshiko Ent. She’s a very motivational person and is doing her best to keep Richmond off of life support. I will get into that in a second. She got an idea over a year before I went called Meet Yo Tweet that gives multiple business an opportunity to get their idea out involving what they’re doing involving the community. Not many people see that it’s a beneficial tool, but it really is. What was interesting was that this was the first one I went to, & I happened to pick one of the good ones that talked about the seriousness behind the thought & theory of AIDS & HIV, & they talked about a subject that was very close to home with me…Domestic Violence. Anytime, I write or talk about it, I always look down at my left arm and look at my purple bracelet that has Faith, Hope, & Courage. Then I think about those who I know that have survived from being in an abusive relationship along with the fact of losing my sister back on March 20th 2008. It was one of the most emotional moments that opened me up. I think that’s a story that I always feel that I can share and address with others, because you hear about it & are aware, but when it hits close to home, makes you think & wonder. I went on a radio show (someone I met at Meet Yo Tweet coincidentally) & I had a few of my friends tuning in. Wanted more of my friends and family to tune in, but I highly understand that timing is key. I was able to open up a little in doing that episode. I networked with multiple people while being on there as well. Moving forward, nearly months later, I was supporting people and what they were doing, but I needed to find something that would move and motivate me. I found that in getting people’s awareness of voting. I jumped into that with open arms and a little scared at first, but now it’s been months later, & it’s become a joyous occasion. I wouldn’t change it for the world, because I’ve been able to network and meet multiple people and understand their stories and views as to how they have come into supporting this cause. Don’t worry, I won’t tell who I’m voting for, & I’m not gonna cause any friction or chaos behind that. Most people have seen that I post a lot of information about voter education or voter awareness, because I don’t care what anybody thinks…the election isn’t in the bag. Also, I would like to tell everyone to please go out and get their voice to be heard. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain. My line has been “No vote, no complaint”. My biggest and up and coming process that I’ve been kinda keeping hush, but I’m about to get this ball rolling with writing for a blog called Official Feature. It’s gonna be MASSIVE. Right now, if you search for either myself (brytay82) or Official Feature, just check the stats. I know that I don’t talk much in person, but behind the scenes on the social networks, I’m doing things. Most of my friends see me posting pictures and sharing where I am or what I’m doing. OK, I won’t bore you any longer. ELEVEN DAYS!!!! We are ELEVEN DAYS AWAY from BT Express falling into the 30 club. I’m loving it though. I’m excited and slightly nervous. There’s nothing to be nervous or worry about. I’m just planning to stay focused & work harder & harder on doing and being better. To those of you who read and receive the quotes, I hope you enjoy those. I plan to do a lot more & just keep on the lookout. I will be sure to do what I love & as I do so, I will cap this blog off, & let everyone know…I’M BACK!!!!! Enjoy & remember, YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!!!


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