Writing Overload…

OK, it really isn’t a writing overload, but moreso me trying to find a way to work on my personal blog while not neglecting my personal journal all at the same time. There are a lot of things I personally need to share, but that isn’t what this blog will be about sadly. What it WILL be about, however, is how on February 3, 2012, I will never forget that I attended an event that changed the face of Bryan & this potential brytay82 movement. 

I’ll give the history-based side of the story first, & then go from there. December or so of 2011, I spoke with Yoshiko Ent (don’t worry, I won’t put the full gov’t out there out of respect) through Twitter. She mentioned myself & another individual who is a part of OfficialFEATURE (my future blogging site I hope to get writing done for) with intentions of getting us involved with this program called “Meet Yo Tweet”. The concept was VERY simple. Basically, it’s an opportunity to give those individuals who use Twitter on a daily basis a chance to break away from their computer & meet other Twitter people who are either in business or just socially using Twitter in their personal lives. So after getting the tweets about the event along with even seeing the video, I decided to go. An added bonus by the way was that they were going to be talking about both HIV & AIDS awareness along with Domestic Violence Awareness. Of course, the DVA portion of the session I really wanted to attend & check out. So, the day of the event, I was initially supposed to go to work, but I was having car troubles, & I ended up not going to work & then afterward, I went to the event & really enjoyed the networking. I met many groups & organizations. I found it to be a positive experience. I think what was shocking was that when I went to Visions Lounge (the location of the event), I was silentassassinB. Since then, I have finally gone back to the twitter name that was best and easiest to track…brytay82. When I realized it, I have majority of the websites linked to that e-mail or username, so it’s only fitting. Anyways, I met and talked to a fair share of people. I think the connection I enjoyed the most was meeting many other local Virgo’s who are super cool. It didn’t increase my love life (which wasn’t on the agenda in the first place) but it did give me multiple avenues of venting and it also let them know that they could come to me and talk about whatever. Those connections have been massive since. What’s amazing is that the event happened in February. When May came around, more socializing occurred thanks to President Obama’s re-election campaign. I just opened up and stayed in pure contact with everyone. 

In hindsight, it was all worth it, but I wanted to personally thank Yoshiko for connecting me to good people in the city. True, everyone I connected with I may not still be consistent in dealing with, but majority of the connections are strongly intact. I honestly thank Yoshiko & Meet Yo Tweet for accomplishing this. It has been a year and 6 days to the day. What’s even more interesting is that a year later, I went through a bit of a similar situation around this time & by hopefully seeing another one of these social gala’s occur, it would possibly be one of the best chances to link up with worthwhile people. My advice & suggestion to you all is to utilize the social networks for good. Also, if you have friction with someone, deal with it internally & don’t use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even LinkedIn to air your dirty laundry. I think that’s a mistake people make CONSTANTLY, & it puts us behind on many levels.  I will always remember February 3, 2012 as the day when things started to grow and evolve in my life and with the social media. I’ll leave you with these thoughts & wish you all an enjoyable weekend. Take care & the Mad Blogga signing out.

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