The Lost Art of Dating

OK, I think that one thing that people aren’t doing enough of is dating. For some reason, the new logic is to wake up, talk to each other a few times. Chill together. Not go out & just surpass the dating portion, & suddenly decided that we’re in a relationship. Well, I hate to break it to folks, but that’s why we don’t have many reliable relationships or marriages, or even connections involving kids and their parents (both mothers & fathers). I know that this blog might cause me to not get the proper attention I deserve, but since we’re coming to that stage of the year when the cutting, cuffing & cuddling go out the window, we need to know how to avoid the thirst & do things that will keep people involved on more than sex & chillin’. This is how many of these so-called relationships get started. I think that dating is a rare art form. The reason I state this is because we don’t cherish & realize how beneficial it is to date someone. What we’re doing instead is that we meet someone, we hang out with them a few times at their place or invite them into ours & from there, it’s all downhill. The reason being is that you usually displace the substance by getting to the title and the confirmation of being involved with someone. I’m not gonna say that it’s not times when it’ll happen & you can’t control it. However, you’ve got a better leg to stand on if you’re pushing to get to know the person. You can know someone & you can also know OF someone. There’s a HUGE difference between the two. For instance, & this is the perfect example. A person can be in a relationship with you and claim to know you. However, once they realize that you have multiple friends of the opposite sex, their true feelings can show without even trying. It’s a constant never-ending battle. Part of this is because it can either be presented, or it could flat-out be neglected as something important to take heed to. In hindsight, it causes a wedge and you to distance either from your mate, or even worse, your friends who have been there through thick & thin. One of my friends pointed out how it’s all key to have friends who are uplifting & positive. The last thing you need are people who are around waiting to see you fail. Those are the deadweights of society. You don’t need those when you’re pushing to be a better person. Sometimes, they come around & you have to know to deal with them. I know it sounds odd as something to think about, but it has a tendency to come up frequently & often. 

Now hear me out in realizing that everyone’s length of time based on dating varies, but you need to go out and do things and see how your potential mate is in a public environment. How does he talk to his mother. How does she talk to the father of her child? Does she start arguments frequently, or can you have fun-based conversations. Also, factor in the theory that you don’t have to necessarily go to a club to have fun. There are fun things out there to do (that don’t consist of soley eating either). A key component also is that you have to be creative. You don’t want be bored and dull & just sit around waiting for life to fall in your lap. I’m being brutally honest. I think that we think we’re supposed to hook up and ignore and disregard who or what comes w/ someone. A perfect example involves when you date someone & you have to meet their parents or invite them them to hang with your friends. If that person doesn’t get along with either of those individuals, then there’s something wrong. It may not give you much to build on. People claim that you don’t need the others, but you really need them more during that phase than any other time. 

Well, I think I gave you all some thoughts and input related to relationships. It is important to be dating or have involvement with your potential partner, because it gives you something to grow upon. If you don’t see something work out, walk away & don’t stay forcing something to work that isn’t gonna make you happy. Happiness comes with time. However, you can’t sit and have your hands out waiting for happiness to fall from the sky. I leave you with these thoughts, & as always, the Mad Blogga signing out. 

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