OK, so it looks like my sis has awaken my writing bug again. I love being given good topics that will tickle my brain a little. Sometimes, you see yourself tackling the same thoughts over & over, but then you realize that these are important topics that people (including myself) need justification and clarification to. Anyways, there are two romantics that are the hardest to dodge. To some of you, it’s usually one hand within the other. To others, they’re totally separate sides of the land. There’s the hopeless romantic, & then there’s the senseless romantic. Now, let’s face it. I’m a musical junkie, & anyone who knows me knows what song I’m thinking of when it comes to talking about the HOPELESS romantic. Seeing that the word is in all caps, Dionne Farris’ song Hopeless comes to mind for me. The part that stands out is. You see I cried just a little too long, & now it’s time for me to be strong. They say I’m hopeless as a penny with a hole in it. They say I’m no less. Been up to my head in it. OK, that’s my lyrical pull for this blog, thought it won’t be my last lyrical pull of the day. I’m always thinking about good thoughts as they hit. Anyways, many of my friends who personally know me will claim that I’m a VERY hopeless romantic. Sometimes, I tiptoe into the senseless side, but that’s gonna be broken down in a second. Anyways, a hopeless romantic is that man or woman who will give their companion the world. Now, let’s chew on this topic for a second. The world for everyone varies, so don’t feel like you have to go totally broke to make your partner happy, because a lot of times, the more you’re buying someone those items, they don’t value the meaning behind it. Most of the time, when you’re hopelessly loving someone, you are just being generous out of the goodness of your heart. You don’t push the envelope on anything. You are the type of person who is willing to let everything just flow the way it’s meant to go. The kink or flaw with this is that you will fall so deeply in love that you get blinded by things that you know for a fact are red flags. You will get frustrated at first, but then once you realize that enough is enough, you will make a valiant effort to turn the page while not getting hurt, because the healing process can take it’s toll on you.

Now for the senseless romantic. Oh my goodness have I seen & heard so many cases of this nature that this will be a cakewalk to write up. I may miss a few things, but more than likely, I will come back & hit them later. Anyways, the senseless romantic. Where oh where do I begin. Well, to put it simple, this is that point when you’re so blinded by what you think is love that you just give someone things that they aren’t even deserving of, & YOU JUST MET THIS PERSON! Yeah, needed to emphasize that closing piece, because the truth about love is that if it’s given, that doesn’t always mean that it will come back. Loving someone in a way that you want to be love can be a tall order. To use the term loosely, your senses go away, & you’re just in it on blind faith thinking something will come from it, when you already realize in your mind & your heart that the investment is merely a waste of time. Love can mess with you sometimes without even trying. I don’t have much to really say about senseless romance, other than I’ve seen it on numerous occasions, & I usually don’t like the end result, because in some relationships or couples, you have that one person who’s hopelessly in love with their companion, while the partner is just going through the motions by being senseless in what they’re doing.

So based on these two pieces I’ve written (which isn’t much), the question remains, is there a difference between being a hopeless romantic & a shameless one? The answer is yes there really is. And here’s why. I have gone over a few of the differences, but what I left off are the key and most important differences. For example, when you’re hopelessly in love with you, there’s nothing that will get you pulled away from that person. They can have flaws a mile high, but you learn how to work through their flaws just like they should be able to see that you have flaws that you bring to the table as well. Now, when you’re a senseless romantic, you mostly lack sense as to what you’re doing. I know that is somewhat of a bailout response, but hear me out. You want to learn to how to love & take on someone for who they are, but you are mostly comfortable with settling while not even knowing it. That’s how I am closing this blog.

I will state for the record that this was one of my toughest blogs. Part of the reason is because I didn’t really get deep into this topic. I think I need some feedback on both sides of it, & then I can have a more intense blog that could lead up to a strong discussion down the line. In the meantime, this is where I will leave you on this one. I will personally claim to be a classy hopeless romantic. I want it to work & if the person is worth the work, I want it to stick like adhesive tape. Having said that, you can’t force or push some things together that will fall apart just by looking at it. When it becomes senseless however, that’s where all of the wheels fall off & the vulnerabilities start to expose themselves. I leave you with those thoughts & I hope you all enjoy your week. There will be more blogs coming. Trust me.

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