How my iPod feels about me…

OK, the way this works is that I let my iPod play on shuffle with over 16,000 songs and let it come up with songs that come together to basically tell a story w/o even telling it. I’ve never done this, so it should be LOADS of fun. FYI, the song titles are in quotes & if you really know music, you will either know what song it is, or even worse, start jamming in the middle of the story forgetting to read it in it’s entirety. I’m gonna do about 50 songs, so #YBW. 

Oh & by the way, no songs will be skipped, so this will be lots of fun. 

Do you hear that “Rebel Music” that causes you to “Do It Twice” as I “Smash Into You” which shockingly, “I Forget” placing me into this “Ghetto Universe” forcing me to push “On and On”. This “Fusion” around me causes this sharing of “Your Love, Your Love” enabling this “Reaction” I’m not used to. One thing “Imma Be” doing is “Whatever” to keep you “Speechless” causing me to yell “Murder Murder”, because “Everything Before” forced you to “Act Like you Know”. The truth is that we don’t need “No More Drama”  because “You’re The One I Need”, which will force me “Back to Love” on this fine “Saturday”, I walk into this “Punky Reggae Party”. I relaxed in “Kaya” knowing that there was a chance the “Sky Might Fall” causing me to become “Separated” from society. So suddenly this “Interlude” kicks in pressing me towards “The Tempest” where I possibly have a chance to meet “Miss California”. As I make my moves, I’m asked to “Take Some…Leave Some”, so I run into “Barry Bonds” who thinks he’s a “Smooth Criminal”. You have this chance to “Lose Yourself” at the “Jefferson Ball”. While at the ball, you are near the ocean, where the presentation of “don’t rock my boat” is portrayed forcing this odd chemistry of “Scientific Love” where I’ve got “Love All Over Me”. The real question though is “Why U Mad At Me” making me feel all “Oblistique” while competing with “The Beast”. Deep down, you think it’s “Extra Smooth”, but “Paul” thinks otherwise. Blame his “Positive Vibration” for this feeling. I feel like I’m “riding high”, & it’s like “Here I Go Again” feeling all “Sunny”, because “I got Ants in my Pants”. “When It Comes Down To It”, “I Know” that we have something, but “Where Is The Love”. It must be my “Criminal” intent that I’m “All U Ever Want”, since you’re so used to “The Big Difference”. 

Thanks for reading. I know it seemed silly, but I love to have fun with certain things if I have the opportunity, & this was one of them. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing and having fun with it. Now, see which songs you remember or need to find out who they are. Might enhance your library even more. That’s how music expands people. 

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