Tattoo combination…

OK, so usually, I write a blog that explains the meaning behind my tattoo’s, because I know that my tattoo’s are always random, but there’s a meaning and process behind my madness. Having said that, I guess I can go into detail about the pair of tattoo’s I recently obtained. Now, the first one is the infamous Nintendo controller. The immediate thought is that I’m a gamer & love playing anything that’s Nintendo-based. Now, in theory, that would be nothing short of the truth. What a lot of you may not know is that the Nintendo system is how my mother & I got close. It’s almost a way of linking my mother into my life. She’s a gamer like me. She hasn’t played in quite some time. Anyways, the Nintendo controller exposes my nerdy ways in a whole new light. I just always have had a connection with Nintendo (Game Boy, Wii, etc). I didn’t purchase certain systems, but I loved my gaming and dedication to playing systems. The main tie of my gaming with my mom is that it was our true way of bonding with one another. She played against me in Tetris & Dr. Mario on multiple occasions. Anyways, that’s the linkage behind the Nintendo tattoo. Now, my latest tattoo I got the day before my birthday is basically a blank scribe with a feather pen. I had a few people ask me what will be placed on the scribe. I can’t put anything there just yet. I’ll just surprise everyone with something different when I feel like going back to it. Of course, I love writing, & I had to do something classic to give it a retro feel. I just love writing and I feel like I’ll never stop writing. I have been on a writing freeze in so many words. I needed to break out of my writing freeze. I am hoping to get my personal journal started back up again, along with my blogs. I have a lot of topics that people need to read and get their mind opened to. I know it sounds odd, but it would be nice to get back into my usual writing form. 

Well, this is a brief explanation of my latest tattoo’s, but I hope that I gave an understanding of where I’m pushing to get my thoughts going. There are two more that I know will definitely be going up. It’s a matter of when for real. 

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