Sporting Hecklers…

OK, let’s face it. We have seen that one guy or woman who is saying things to the opponents players (or even worse to your own teams players), & you almost wanna turn around and either smack them in the face, or just send a security person nearby to just put ‘em out of the facility altogether. Now, at times, screaming at the TV while at home is a tough process to deal with, because I have been guilty of doing it from time to time. It’s one of those things where you have to be respectful of your surroundings. Now, granted, that’s a different situation, but this story with Missouri is off the wall. You can talk about things as fan, but you have to also be considerate of the people who are playing the game. They have feelings too. 

This hecklers story almost wants to give me a chance to talk about this “Sharkeisha” foolishness. Now, I get the story line hiding behind it. I know the biggest controversy that is being talked about time and time again is her NAME. It’s the true meaning of a draft pick name. I think one thing that’s amazing is that assumptions and impromptu gestures are made because of how a person acts or what they do. For instance, not all white people are professional all the time. They have their uncouth moments. As a matter of fact, we ALL do. It’s not about the moments or ways we act. It’s how people perceive us to be. Nobody’s perfect. Anyways, I’m going off course. Having said all of that, the beatdown is funny in weird ways. However, I don’t condone it. My mindset about things is think if that was your daughter or immediate family member. It’s just something to think about. Anyways, that’s all I’m gonna say about that. 

Back to the hecklers. I’ve gone to VCU games here quite often (been a while since I’ve been…need to work on that). Anyways, the pep band and the guys who are there are pretty cool. They don’t say or do anything derogatory. For those wonder about the story itself, here’s the rundown of what went down:

It’s even more interesting that they’re called the Antler’s section. Bad enough the mascot of the school is a Tiger. I know that that I threw that in there blindly, but it caught my attention. 

Speaking of Tiger (nerd moment coming), I watched a video on that literally took me back to being a kid again. I didn’t own but a few of them, because they were pretty expensive. I think I had one that was an re-enactment of Area 51. The point is that the screens and the interface on those things were awful. What I was through with was the watch. I think the one thing that’s funny is that when you see them now, they look stupid & simp. When we had them as kids, you couldn’t tell us nothing. Now, this is my final nerd moment, but it will be something that many of my friends will never forget. You remember those calculator watches. Though they had minimal functionality, it was the best of all worlds. Even worse, they were expensive. It was a stopwatch, clock, calendar, calculator, & I think you could store numbers in it to a degree. I could be wrong though. My other retro mic drop hands down is the infamous watches that were remote controls to TV’s , & ACTUALLY worked. What was bad was when you would see kids use them in high school & turn off the TV, or turn it off by mistake. Remember when carrying CD players in high school made you think you were doing something? Even worse, trying to carry the CDs without evidently carrying them in the cases themselves, because the plastic cases were & STILL ARE the worst of all time. 

OK, I don’t wanna give away too many thoughts, because I know that the more I sit and think about things, the more blogs that will start to elevate. Anyways, while I’m sitting here thinking about those classic space-taking games called Pinball, I’ll leave you there & hope that you enjoy the new direction my blog is going. It’s gonna take you back into the mind of a nerd in realizing that there was more to life than bills & struggles with managing credit. As always, I hope you return for more of what’s in store to share my true thoughts. Later readers. 

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