Two Streaks Snapped

Well, it looks like the unexpected has happened. Two teams in the NBA (San Antonio Spurs & Portland Trailblazers) both happened to end 11 game winning streaks respectively. The teams ending it were the Oklahoma City Thunder & the the Phoenix Suns. The Thunder have been on a good run themselves. They are currently 10-3 & taking on all newcomers heading their way. One game that really stands out to me tonight was the Miami cHEAT code playing against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The biggest reason I get strangely intrigued by this game is because it’s always a chance for LeBron to come back to his stomping grounds where his career went in every direction but a winning direction when the NBA was involved. What I found to be amazing was that they were either selling or giving out yellow shirts asking LeBron to come back. Bad enough the shirts have his old jersey number on them (which he has no plans of EVER wearing again). Even more interesting is that following the loss (or whereabouts), there was talk that Dion Waters could possibly be on the trading block. The odd part is that this is only his second season. Then again, Derrick Williams with the T’Wolves just went through the same thing. He just got traded to the Sacramento Kings for a player who’s name I’m not even gonna try to announce. Anyways, there’s lots and lots of news in the league. The Eastern Conference is a skeleton. Beyond Miami, Indiana, & Chicago, there are no teams that have true or legitimate winning records. Both the Nets & Knicks look like they’re a massive part of the struggle. 

The topic I wanna break down before I personally break down is this infamous Heisman Watch. It stinks that the award is gonna be prolonged with all of these personal incidents going on along with just players having mediocre games. What’s amazing is the one player who has been playing consistent (though his stats aren’t that alarming or exciting) isn’t even that high on anyone’s list. I think that AJ McCarron is a good QB, but sadly he won’t win the Heisman. Johnny Manziel is a system QB (hear me out), but he won’t win the Heisman. I think because a freshman won it last year, & this kid is pretty good so far, Jameis Winston will win it (barring his sexual incident). And that’s something that’s pretty tough to think about. Planning something based on something that’s merely out of your hands. I think the voters will vote according to who exemplifies and represents the Heisman trophy winners. The QB playing for Northern Illinois won’t have it easy by a long shot either. 

Well, this is my first blog of many to come. These won’t always be long, but I will write them as I see fit. I know that you’re looking for these juicy relationship blogs, but you won’t find them here. Sorry everyone. I am back to the Bryan that I enjoyed & honestly have missed. 

As always, this is BT signing out hoping to write and express more only as he knows how. I may post my drafts at some point. You’ll have to wait & see what they even are. They’re fun and this writing will be fun. I don’t want any of my writing to be forced anymore. No need doing that anymore. I’m Audi. 

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