Reading Drafts…

As a writer, I realize that writing a blog & leaving it unfinished means something. When it becomes a draft, & is left incomplete, that means that those thoughts may have either died down or withered. I’m not saying that this applies to every “potential” blog that’s left in our “draft” queue. Having said that, I went back & found a pair of blogs that at the time seemed like they were of meaning and value. I obviously realize that the value of those thoughts aren’t the same now as they were then. Getting that moment or feeling to just sit down & write everything that you want to say is something that many people would merely die for. I don’t mean that literally obviously. I just think that when you get the opportunity to share your thoughts, you may as well do so while you can when you can w/ what you’re given. Anyone who knows me & knows how my thoughts wander will realize that I can go into some odd and strange places. When this blog started nearly 3 years ago, I never realized that I would be as creative as I’ve been with it. At one time, I used to post EVERY Instagram photo in my Tumblr. After I realized that a lot of them weren’t even necessary, it was fitting to just let the right messages reach those who are willing to read them & the rest be followed in that social facet. People take a lot of what they read on social media personal, & that’s their personal choice. That doesn’t go without saying that some of our thoughts that are shared aren’t what we feel when it’s written. OK, I left this blog on a planet of it’s own, & that isn’t right of me. I’m gonna finish up these thoughts & leave you with some strong personal thoughts to think about. Think through about what you’re doing. For instance, the reason I’m not as willing to post my blogs on Facebook is because I like seeing traffic on my blog. Plus, it shows me that I’m keeping people’s attention and interest. That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day. I hope you all have enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing this. And if you have a topic you’d like for me to write about, then just ask. I will make this blog as enjoyable as possible. I will NOT, however, talk about relationships. Many of my friends who have been reading will understand why if they’re true fans. Enjoy your Friday everyone. 

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