This world

I have to say that when life takes us through certain things, we don’t know to handle it. Even worse, we’re sometimes forced to sit back & realize that isn’t as much about us as we think. One of my childhood friends is working through a tough time, & Im doing my best to send out uplifting vibes their direction, because prayer works wonders. I’ll leave it at that. I’m praying for self, don’t get me wrong. However, this isn’t about me. Just learn and remember to sit back & realize that there are always bigger fights and battles going on around us than we realize. Hold strong to who we are, & the rest usually works itself out. Easier said than done, but that’s as simple of advice I can throw out there. I’m having to learn this myself…TRUST ME! on that note, I won’t drop the mic. Instead, I’ll kindly place it on the floor and walk away from the stage “for now”.

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