Since I’m wide awake, I might as well say happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy 🎁 day or whatever it is you acknowledge this moment as. Of course, can’t forget happy Kwanzaa. Used to know it pretty well, but life sometimes put you on hold improperly, & you’re forced to think about other things. What I’d like to leave everyone as a gift this year is to learn from what others told you, even if that meant that you didn’t agree w/ it. Many times, the end result might surprise you. Don’t let your ego, pride, or even your stupidity get in the way of reality. Once you do, it’s all downhill from there. Our worlds collide that we don’t want to collide, & if you don’t understand that, then keep on living. I’m still living & highly learning daily. That’s what makes this process more joyous than a little. And finally if you’re one of those that I’ve hurt or you still have hate or anger towards me, I can’t change that, I can only work to improve on what I’ve done wrong. I’m human just like you are. When you make a mistake, you don’t run over it like it didn’t happen. If you do then that’s a prideful way of hiding and covering from reality. Yeah I’m not far from writing an essay, but a good amount of what I’ve wanted to say I’m beginning to say in this. Enjoy your holidays everyone. You know my random posts will be going up as the day rolls along.

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