Shout out to those who are still fans of or are using the Zune. Guess it’s the reason mine didn’t stay with me very long. What’s shocking… Read more

True nerds stream from their xbox & chat from their laptop. Yeah, I’m basically that guy.

That moment when a song is stuck in your head & you know you heard it, but you barely hear it. Then out of nowhere, the song… Read more

12 Days of Barclays. You think I’m not tuned in to the game today. You have another thing coming.

A man’s dream. Gps on a shopping cart. We would lose our mind lmao. I know it would help us slightly figure where things are. Bad enough… Read more

Espn & abc were smart. They went to Leona Lewis for their musical interludes. Mariah Carey gets PAID when singing all I want for Christmas.