See, this is why when the Internet (or twitter) kills people, it’s the worst feeling when someone you’ve seen go through this ACTUALLY passes. Rest in paradise… Read more

You know the #winterClassic is serious when the analysts are standing up during intermission

I think I’m going to do a better job of learning when to kindly place my mic down, do my usual mic drop & walk off stage,… Read more

Oh & by the way, in about another half an hour, the #blues will be playing @chelseafc

Think of one song you’re bringing from 2013 that will be a good representation of where you’re moving in 2014.

I love that I’m writing my journal online for a change. Don’t worry I have it password protected. I’m not that stupid. If anyone invests time in… Read more

Welcome to 2014. Enjoy your visit. Don’t get comfortable. There’s work to do & even another year ahead. Maybe it’s just me, but I may as well… Read more

9:15 & folks are already shooting in Richmond. Is it really necessity. Simpness in rare form.