A few final shots…Year In Review Pt. 2

Yeah, I wish that my year in review blog would be my final writing of the year. I must admit that I’ve laughed at quite a lot of things, but one thing I won’t laugh about is the many mistakes and stupid things I did over 2013. As I have told many people, I won’t go into detail, because I’m not stupid. What I will say is that I’m sorry to anyone for any dumb or stupid things I have done. If I could literally tell individuals face to face that I apologize, I would do so without a problem. I’m not even concerned behind the consequence of doing so, along with not worrying about the end result of what’s bound to possibly occur. As of late, I’ve been forced to learn a lot. I made poor choices, & I blame no one but myself. I don’t sit around looking for a pity party & wanting the world to stop. I think that I just want to improve on what was. As I listen to Beyonce’s single “Pretty Hurts”, it REALLY does hurt. People out here try to be pretty forgetting that if you look pretty on the outside but are ugly on the inside, then it doesn’t mean anything. Even worse is that if you are so-called ugly outside, but your good and flawless ways are hidden to others, no one will know or value you for who you are. People will use your kindness for weakness. I know that message just went over a few people’s heads, but I’m just pointing out that you have to make the right decisions knowing that you’ll cherish the outcome in the end. I have seen a lot of my friends point out that there are individuals who are saying “new year, new me” and those folks who make that statement are going back to doing the same things they did year after year not changing a damn thing. Changing or getting others to understand how serious it is when you sound that simp is a lost cause. That’s just how it is sometimes. I know that one thing that I’m open to doing is getting back to being Bryan, BT, SFP (Somethin’ for the People), B. Taylor, & the personalities that were fun and eventfully different. I may slip into my silent assassin flow again. I find it amazing that over 5 years, I realized that being brytay82 on all of these social media’s would be the best idea or suggestion to stick to. I’m turning back to things that I should have never let go of. One of the biggest things is church. I didn’t realize how out of touch with church & the spirit I was until I went back to church a few times & read my bible on a daily basis doing my daily devotional. I may not post every single day that I’m doing it, or taking a screen shot of each verse that I receive as the daily verse (just like the millions of other users who have the app on their phone). Something that stands out is how I’ve been able to network with people, who have practically been able to network with each other. I think that I may begin to use Tumblr as my journal/blog. This means that you’ll see my blogs as normal. I’m gonna still write randomly & have fun w/ sharing my thoughts as I’ve been doing so far. What I’ll try to do is post my personal journal entries private & let them build up in 2014, because I think there are some unmentioned thoughts that I’ve been keeping to myself, & I don’t like that one bit. I think that you have to do what suits you. I would say where I am for New Year’s, but only the folks who know what’s going on will be that close to know where or how I’m handling ringing in the new year. I don’t want it to be any other way. No need in me being out there doing anything stupid. What I want to say more than anything to people is to not be something you’re not this year. If you are fake, then be consistently fake. Don’t surprise us & suddenly be real. And yes, I dropped the mic & I’m even telling myself. As I’ve said to most of my true friends, the nerd shirts will be see and I don’t care what others think about it. I talked with my mother today & she was 100% right. When I was younger, I didn’t care about what others thought about things. Lately, that theory has gone out of the window, because I’m so worried or concerned over something I have no control over. And something that puts it into perspective is that regardless of how others see me or what they think of me, it won’t make the least bit of a difference at the end of the day. I still put my pants on one leg at a time, & I still type grammatical errors as everyone else does. Correcting them & clearing up my human faults will basically come with the territory. OK, I think I have gone far enough off the deep end to make a point & place the mic properly in it’s place. So, what are you gonna do to improve in 2014. I have my plans lined up. I hope you all do. And I strongly emphasize this. Please don’t do things to impress or please others, because none of them will give a damn when you aren’t at your highest or even your lowest point. If you got people who are doing their best to bring you down, then that means they don’t have anyone else to pull down. I leave you w/ those words, & I wish you a positive & prosperous 2014. So, I guess I can re-title this “Year In Review Returns”. And my apologies if I repeated anything from part one. Just want to tell myself that I will be fine & I want others to know that have or are concerned that I will be just fine. This is BT & this is my closeout. Take care & I’m Audi. 

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