There’s a difference between listening to music & getting songs to grab your attention in ways they never did before.

Like or share if you remember bucky o hare. I’m really taken back with this.

So I wonder how many auburn fans will wake up like those San fran fans. I know the legitimate 49ers. Don’t come to my page and turn… Read more

And now the miracle on turf. Florida state might have to pull out a massive cheat code of some sort

I leave the #BCSChampionship game for a few quarters & suddenly is turned into a vintage Monday night football game. Oh wait, it is Monday isn’t lmao.… Read more

Finally, a sport gets it right. Create a special coin with both logos on it. When the coin lands, the team on top chooses whether to kick… Read more

Love when you’re at an event preparing for the national anthem, & you have those fans around you who think they can sing #BCS