Internal Darkness

One of the toughest things people deal with while being a part of
relationships is when they come across someone who is in a very dark place
mentally & they’re unwilling to get out of that place. I think what’s
amazing is that this trend is going beyond just people who are trying to be
involved in relationships. It even involves being surrounded by the right
people. I feel like I’m practically writing a mini series reading these
titles and putting it altogether. There are a lot of people who get in this
black hole that’s VERY mental. What’s even worse is that they’re unwilling
to be talked to. They have it in their head the way they see everything.
Now, granted, no one is taking away from what they see or their opinion. It
amazes me when you see someone just hit this block or wall of frustration
where no one matters to them. The first question that you usually have
going through your head is do they matter to themselves. Listen, & I’m
gonna keep emphasizing this, no one said we are supposed to be jovial &
exciting people ever day that we are here living. However, when you’re
someone that just sucks air out of the room on a daily basis, it gets old
VERY fast. There’s something you are going through that you don’t want to
face. It’s almost like I am sitting here open to saying that God doesn’t
exist in their spirit. That’s what I feel is the case. I can be the first
to admit that I was missing the initial void that would lead me into that
internal darkness. Now, there’s a difference between internal darkness, &
eternal darkness. In my personal opinion, eternal darkness is what we call
Hell. It’s not the best place to mentally feel or actually encounter. I
can’t say that I personally am living or feeling that I’m there. However,
internal darkness if it’s repetitiously in your system, & you are just
downing everything, then reaching that place can happen with no time. I’m
kinda writing this one brief, because I don’t think I need to write a
massive amount of thoughts. I think that I can extend and get further into
this blog over time. More than likely, feedback or inspiration will get me
worked up to get back into writing those long-winded extreme thoughts.
Until next time, Mad Blogga signing out dropping mic’s like there’s no
tomorrow. Peace.

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