Maybe It’s You

OK, sitting here & thinking a little about this blog, I feel like I had
better write it while it’s fresh. Bad enough I have 3 other blogs/draft
topics I need to post (won’t go no further than that). Anyways, I feel that
EVERYONE (including myself) needs to stop pointing the finger & blaming
everyone else. MAYBE IT’S YOU. Maybe you’re the reason you’re single. Maybe you’re the reason your life isn’t going the way it is. Being bitter &
having this built up anger about things you can’t control won’t change a
damn thing. This will probably be a spin off of the other blog that I have
sitting in the queue, but I love being a writer & hate reading at times.
The reason I hate the reading part is that you read some posts & thoughts
that just have a negative feel and taste to them before you even click on
what the preview pane shows. This isn’t a subliminal message or me saying
something to get under someone’s skin, because that’s just not my style. I
noticed this crap long before 2014 even got off the ground. Nearly a year
ago, I came across someone else who was blind to feelings and emotions.
It’s understandable to have feelings, but if they’re ONLY negative (and
even ONLY positive), then there’s something wrong. You’re hiding from
something. Maybe it really is you. Just something that people don’t take
the time to think about. We are all human. Nobody on this Earth is perfect.
If you are, please let me know the secret as to how you do it, because the
rest of us “so-called” humans are trying to get & keep our route and
routine on a simplified & cordial manner. I think this is gonna be a teaser
of a blog that may lead into another one. In the meantime, read, like,
comment, text, pick your poison. I just want your thoughts on this one.
Greatly appreciated. Take it easy.

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