It’s always rare when I get to listen to Beyonce get me bodied without the extended piece in there

Time to see Kentucky get some key wins in this SEC match up with Missouri

Can the cable companies stop eating Wheaties when they connect their boxes. When you have to disconnect, all your muscles pop out of your toes trying to… Read more

Thank you twitch for updating the program on their mobile apps. Can chat on one & view on the xbox.

Today is National serpent day. That’s snakes for those just tuning in. No THOTs allowed lmao

Sitting & listening to Sade “kiss of life” has my brain going a little this morning.

Like, comment, share, RT, etc if you’d like to see me do black history inventions like I did last year. Don’t mind doing them. Just wanted feedback… Read more

I guess you could say my big three are halo, gears, then call of duty in that simp order lmao