The Death of MP3 Players…

Well, both the Zune & iPod tried & they provided some great products.
However, it’s time to face the facts, & that’s that both of these devices
have lived out their respective lives. Of course, I have owned both of
these devices. I previously had a 80 GB Microsoft Zune, & I literally just
lost it. To this day, I still wonder where that device decided to hide. I
literally think someone stole it when they found out. Bad enough, they
probably knew it belonged to me & just went ahead & kept it walking. No
need holding on the past & maintaining a grudge about it. Just something
that crossed my mind. Anyways, I currently own a 120 GB iPod classic. The
first question that a lot of people ask me, & I am inclined to think about
is who needs that much music. Honestly, no one does. However, I am just a
fan of music plain & simple. I like to have a good amount of music on hand.
It usually has absolutely nothing to do with listening to every single
track that’s on it, let alone the music that I even own to begin with.
That’s another story all in itself. So, what’s run these two well-known MP3
players out of the music industry. One word: streaming. Now, most of you
know the big companies, but there are some under the radar companies that
are making their stamp on music and the way we listen to it. Well, to get
the big dog out of the way, Pandora practically stole the spotlight from
Apple & Microsoft with their music. Now, what I want to take into
consideration is that once Pandora enhanced their options in giving
unlimited streaming with unlimited streaming with no skipping under Pandora
One, it practically became an option to make Pandora the simplest option to
play songs at any function. You can even filter the music so that the
edited songs are played. You don’t get that option often with companies to
be honest. A factor of Pandora also is how simple the interface is. All you
have to do is search for either an artist or a specific single & songs are
played that are similar to that option. The feature that stands out that I
don’t think the other companies have is that you can shuffle all of your
playlists into one playlist. This means that you can let it play from
Christmas music to some dubstep/electronica, & then turn around & play
classical music, all while not having to skip through any music. Me
personally having over 50 artists in my listing, the shuffle option is
always a joy to watch in action. One way that Apple kinda shot itself in
the foot w/ getting no play on the iPod lifestyle is the up & coming Apple
Music (or iTunes Radio). Apple snuck this one in on everybody. I have
tested this program, & it’s basically a way of taking Apple’s genius
feature & extending it into it’s own personal program. The music options in
this program are endless. Both of these programs are pretty good, but the
flaw that you run into is that you listen to what they present to you. You
don’t have access to every single song in these programs. This is where the
new monster (with a paid subscription of course) Spotify is a program that
will be making massive noise soon, if it hasn’t done so already. You can
stream radio stations along with listening to any song that’s out there
(with a paid subscription). I know I constantly present that you have to
have a paid subscription for a lot of these, & that’s because most people
assume that when you mention features, they’re free and automatically come
with the service. In the world of music & a vast majority of life, nothing
comes free. One program that kinda hid away is Slacker. One time, you heard
everyone was using this program, but that obviously isn’t the case. I don’t
even know if anyone still owns this program. I resort to it occasionally.
There are other apps out there are creative in their own facets. These are:

Rdio (Stream a preset list of songs)
Songza (Plays a specific playlist based on your mood or time of the day)
Shoutcast (multiple radio stations worldwide able to be accessed from one
SoundCloud (A good site to use to promote music & store it for producers to
check out)

I apologize if I shortened these apps & their names. I use them from time
to time, but they all have their specific perks to them. I am about to
close out on the new sheriff in town (it’s coincidental since I just got an
e-mail from this company). The name…Beats Music. They just got on the
scene LITERALLY less than a month ago. I would have to say that I think
theirs is the most expensive, but they provide similar service to what
Spotify offers. One thing I should mention about Spotify is that you can
access their entire library with a free account. You pay when you to access
the entire library via mobile. You can look everything up through the
desktop application, but if you want to access it from your phone or
tablet, you’ll have to pay a small monthly fee, which I have heard people
don’t mind paying for. I think I passed over that also. These services that
are charging you fees, you can access their music primarily by computer,
but with the mobile devices coming into play, it’s a much more challenging
task to sit in front of a computer and listen to music, especially when
your computer runs very slow. Even something as simple as me writing this
blog can be done from my phone (still trying to work on that sis. You know
I’m slow lol). OK, off course again. Beats Music…yeah that’s where my
tangent returned me to. Beats Music seems to be hitting the scene strong.
So far, it’s only accessible via mobile (tablet, cell phone, etc). When
signing up, they give you a 7 day trial. What they did because many people
were having problems with their program, they extended the 7 day trial to a
14 day trial. Mine’s oddly ends today. I used it a little, & I thought it
was pretty convenient. I may look to get the paid service down the road.
All depends on the replay value.

OK, so I have written about the many big shops and names who are streaming
music and have mostly pushed iPod & Zune to the side. The death of these
big MP3 players (or most MP3 players) in some people’s eyes is because we
all enjoy listening to our own personal selection, but then we also prefer
to expand it a little by playing what’s out there on the music scene &
learning what new songs are making an impact in the so-called music scene.
You can even listen to those “lost files” that you haven’t heard about in
quite some time. These streaming companies also maintain a pulse because of
the fact that you can listen to access just about any song that your heart
desires. What I want to say is that you owners who are holding on to your
thousands or hundreds of songs that you travel with on your trips and
prefer to listen to your own form of music, hold it and handle it as long
as you can. When the transition comes along, you roll with it when you’re
ready. Just remember, it’s here. Right now, we’re slightly going through it
with the current gen & “so-called” next gen consoles. Once it becomes
evident, the XBox 360 & PS3 will be old news via PS4 & Xbox One.

Hope you all have enjoyed reading this blog. A lot of thoughts have been
shared & lots of music will be streamed worldwide. I hope you all enjoyed
reading this as much as I did writing it. Take care & I’m signing out.

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