Titanfall & when it once was fun…

Titanfall…what once was fun!

OK, I think that one thing that’s key about being a gamer is that you have
to love watching the game being played just as much as you are personally
playing the game yourself. This will be a fun blog to write up since I gave
up gaming for my lent, & have been doing a GREAT job of keeping the console
turned off during the time period. I even went as far as unplugging the
console. I will look down there from time to time to remember that it’s
still down there. That’s me being a gamer & having such a huge passion for
gaming. Back in 2008, I remember when I was dealing with one of my friends
as a good friend basis, & we went over someone’s house (don’t remember the
person whose house we went to & I’m not putting the person’s name I was
hanging with for attention whatsoever) where they were playing Call of
Duty. I hadn’t had my Xbox that long, but I was playing Gears of War heavy
back then, because that was my “call of duty” in so many words, because I
could sit and play Gears over & over with no problem whatsoever. One of the
biggest factors when it comes to a game is its replay value along with
enjoying watching someone play the game, even if they’ve never played it

I talk about all of this because of Titanfall being a game that’s hard to
watch someone else plays. Even watching a live stream that’s delayed by 30
seconds via Twitch can cause frustration when watching it being played by
some streamers. Even though it’s a fun game that looks good based on the
gameplay, it’s ALL online multi-player, which means if you don’t have
internet in your house or go somewhere else & play & don’t have web access,
enjoying the game is tough to do. Going back to what I said about replay
value, unless you have other people you know who are playing Titanfall with
you & you are leveling your Titan up via “generations” if I’m not mistaken,
then you won’t really get that much of a thrill playing. One thing that I
find to be very amazing is how the Xbox 360 version isn’t even coming out
when it’s supposed to. I don’t have accurate sources as to why they delayed
their release. There are some other games that I wanna talk about, but I
won’t talk on them in this blog. One X-Factor that isn’t taken into account
is that the game will be not joining the e-sports world. For my gaming
noob’s who know little to nothing about the e-sports gaming community, many
games have potential to be played in tournament format or even at national
venues. A prime example, Gears of War 3 is making its comeback with various
tournaments, because at one time, it was a part of the e-sports world. Even
Halo 4 makes its mark in the e-sports community from time to time. Lately,
I’ve become a fan of learning & catching on to how the game battles process
works, & how to get started in one of them. I’d currently like to just play
against people & set up matches and go from there. Looks like sometimes it
never hurts to go back to your roots of how you write or express, because
this is how my writing got started. Again, I’m side-tracking…TITANFALL! I
just don’t know how much fun can be had playing or watching it. I think the
biggest factor is that not everybody owns an Xbox one console just yet. The
one factor behind that is financing. That’s important when thinking about
who is likely to own or play Titanfall. When the beta was released, there
were many online streamers who were playing it, & they were getting their
respectful views while playing the game. Since it’s been out for about 2 or
3 weeks, it’s not getting the attention as expected. One note I would like
to add is that this game is not a call of duty killer in no manner.
However, I think for a lot of streamers & many gamers, it’s a new game and
something different to get into compared to the norm & boredom. When
sitting & playing a game and not having the fascination behind playing that
game, it makes it tough to sit and give it all the attention you’d like to
attend to it. For instance, there’s a couple who solely does game battles
on their stream & it works for them. Someone else has made it clear that he
gets more views for playing call of duty compared to giving Titanfall a go.
What factors into it too is what you’re looking for when playing the game.
That’s something that goes unnoticed as well.

So in conclusion, there are games and there are consoles out there that
will be and have been making their impact on the gaming community. I
personally haven’t played Titanfall, but if I do, maybe my input towards
this game may be a little different. In the meantime, however, I will have
to give Titanfall sometime & see what they have ahead in the future based
on their season pass holders, possible maps, & game variants. I hope you
all enjoyed reading this. I will be working some more gaming blogs in my
routine, & if you’re into gaming, then you’ll highly enjoy it. If you’re
not, then I highly understand if it doesn’t tickle your fancy. Until next
time, this is BT signing out (FINALLY A SIMPLE ENDING lol).

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