Making mistakes

Think back to that place or time when you did something & didn’t feel that
what you did was right. You know for a fact that you can’t go back & fix
that mistake. Yeah, we can work on improving our reputation from those bad
things we have done, but the thing is that the mistake will stand out to
others, & sometimes even ourselves.

Today, I come to you bringing up the conversation of how we as individuals
can handle mistakes & also to not get caught up in what others think of the
mistakes we make. No one lives a perfect life. As much as it’s claimed or
some folks consider it in their eyes that they do no wrong, the truth is
that there is something wrong or some sort of mistake that they may have
made without even realizing it. What happens with many people is that they
place it into a mind over matter type of situation. It’s a constant of many
individuals. Once again, going back to to that time when you did something
that you knew may not have been right…did you have any sort of conscience
or instinct that kicked in when it felt wrong? And once that instinct
kicked in, did you continue to do that wrong thing, or eventually back out
of it? The other side of this equation is once the mistake has occurred,
how have you handled it. One mistake that’s constantly made by individuals
who mess up is that they’re so worried about how others will feel about it.
Regardless of how they feel about it, all the questions & wonders won’t
change that it happened. A hard piece of the puzzle is building on the fact
that you messed up. Something that’s key is to learn to forgive yourself
for what has happened. When you don’t know how or learn how to forgive, it
causes you to unintentionally put your life on pause/hold trying to
practically ask yourself why. The why’s and how come’s forces you to go on
hold with some things.

The dwellers are the hardest people to deal with when going through a
mistake. I say this because some people are going to stand there & remind
you that you messed up. Honestly, if you allow those people to stay in your
circle, it will cause your morale & ability to grow to literally become a
cancer that you won’t be able to get past. One of the hardest hurdles to
overcome are those negative people who don’t want to see you succeed. With
many of my mistakes in life, I have those people who are in my corner to
let me know that I messed up (which is fine), but they won’t sit and keep
causing me to sit there & stay at a standstill. Those people who prove that
they have nothing more to talk to you about beyond that mistake or mishap
are the people that you literally talk to from a distance. You don’t do it
on purpose, but sometimes it’s better that way. Negativity is the hardest
thing to fight in our lives, but we fight it more than we realize. When
something goes wrong in our life, the last thing you need is someone
bringing your morale down. It causes you to diminish and fight your own
self-esteem. Peer pressure sometimes can impact our own personal
self-esteem. Yes, it’s our self-esteem, but we can involve others in it
without even trying. That might have been a little random for this blog,
but it’s twined into it if you’re a true reader who takes time to read the
basis of the point of where I’m going.

The key element and main point of writing this is that you will go through
things in life. Yes, we will have those times when it will get frustrating
and you don’t know what to do or where to go. What you do is learn how to
pray over that mistake & most important, avoid making the same mistake
twice. The PERFECT example that I think about is how we see the wet paint
sign. As a kid, you don’t trust that it’s wet paint, so you go and touch it
or the paint gets on your clothes even worse. When you get older, if you
make that exact same mistake twice, then that means you didn’t learn from
the first time. Now, people out here make mistakes, & do things that others
aren’t that fond of. The main thing is to be forgiving of yourself & of
anyone else involved (if deemed necessary). Forgiveness & moving
forward…those components go a long way. Most of all, when doing these two
things I mentioned, they have to come from your heart & you really have to
mean it. Doing it & then mostly turning into a repeat offender means that
you weren’t even trying to learn from what you did wrong.

Hope that everyone enjoyed reading this. I tried to extend my thoughts as
best as possible when it comes to making mistakes, dealing with mistakes,
dwelling on them, being stronger and learning from what you did wrong, &
most importantly, having the proper support system when it’s all said &
done. Fighting & dealing with someone on your own doesn’t make that
obstacle any easier than you realize sometimes. That’s the biggest
challenge in our lives is thinking that we can fight battles by ourselves,
but when you fight on your own or with no accessories to fight in the
proper war or battle, it mostly makes a little more challenging. As always,
keep reading, & be on the lookout. I found the energy to finally finish one
of my dreaded blog “drafts”. One of my writers know what I’m talking about.
I will roll this one out & work on my next one right away (at 1:24 in the
morning, but when the thought hits you flow with it right?). Until next
time, BT signing out.

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