NBA Playoffs

​The time is here. I have about 2 days to write this blog, so I will have
as much fun with this blog as possible. The 16 teams are set for the
playoffs & the 14 teams who will be bobbing for draft picks are ready to
get their futures together in some manner. I have a lot to talk about &
there are quite a few games that will be shockers to a lot of you. Most of
my friends have given their picks, & I’ve read a few stories about various
series, so let’s get right into it. The San Antonio Spurs do the Texas
2-step with their infamous foe Dallas. What’s interesting is that the
winner of this series could possibly go against the Houston Rockets
(another Texas competitor). I could see Dallas getting one win in this
series. The Spurs are the oldest team in the playoffs right now. That’s as
honest as I can present it. Dirk is a good player, & he will climb up the
​scoring ladder. He won’t get that 2nd championship this year though.
Moving on to the Thunder going against the Grizzlies. A lot of people don’t
see this, but the Grizzlies one of the few teams that know how to play
physical. The Clippers & Warriors “try” to present themselves as being
physical, but the Grizzlies starting lineup easily has guys who will play
you tooth & nail with no shame in their game. One thing that many people
don’t take into account is that Tayshaun Prince has a championship ring
from his days in Detroit. Yes, I know those days are long behind him, but
he does have the leadership qualities to be a winner. However, they’re
playing the Thunder. Remember a few years ago we were giving the NBA a hard
time about the name of the team. In reality, the name of the team won’t be
as important as the team winning a ring. I know that is a little off
course, but it’s just something I remembered being a big uproar at one
time. So, sticking to the West, I go to the match-up between the Houston
Rockets & Portland Trail Blazers. Oh, & before I go any further, I’m
picking the Grizzles to win 2 games against the Thunder. I will admit that
Memphis will win a game in Oklahoma. And yes, I know my readers will say
that the Thunder has one of the best home venues in the league. I still
think Memphis will shock them just a little. The main component of this
series will definitely be Russell Westbrook, along with the bench & role
players of this team. Returning to the Spurs, that’s what keeps that team
working. Ginobli, Duncan, & Parker will play their games where necessary,
but Leonard, Green, Splitter, Mills, & other players in Poppovich’s
rotation will need to be in full force to make the run the whole way. The
final Western Conference Quarterfinals match is Golden State against LA
(not the Lakers for a change) Clippers. This is a unique season because
there are a lot of teams who you’d expect to be in the playoffs, & instead,
they’re “draft bound”…Lakers, Nuggets, Celtics, AND Knicks, I’m talking
to you. Klay Thompson, you haven’t been as huge of a factor this year as
you claim to be. Blake Griffin is a highlight reel that scores & plays both
ends of the floor. Mr. Thompson, to take shots at Blake about him being
soft & flopping, I guess you need to send that memo out to the whole
league. There are multiple players who are famous for doing it. You call
out Blake since you two teams play each other four times a year, & this was
made as an undercover rivalry. I’m gonna say this now, & I hope none of my
readers get offended. There aren’t any rivalries in the NBA compared to
what we’ve seen in the 80s & 90s. We can thank AAU & the “one & done rule”
for that mostly. Yes, there teams who play each other & don’t like each
other, but since there isn’t much player loyalty in the sport (for
anonymous reasons), it’s nowhere near close to what it used to be. Anyways,
I think the Warriors don’t stand a chance in this series. I know that’s a
bold statement, but Griffin & CP3 are gonna put up points & not stop
putting up points. The biggest worry for me will be seeing how De’Andre
Jordan handles the free throw line. So, to break down my predictions for
each series(Team (number of wins))…Mavs (1) vs. *Spurs (4)*, Grizzles (2)
vs. *Thunder (4), *Blazers (1) vs. *Rockets (4)*, & Warriors (1) vs. *Clippers

Moving over to the East (no JV references here, because these upsets might
surprise you), there are some very interesting matches on tap. For
starters, I guess congratulations are in order since the Indiana Pacers did
get the #1 seed in the East (though the Spurs have the best overall record
in the league). I’m not all that excited for their mark, because now comes
the important piece of the puzzle, which is winning the games when they
matter most. Their first round opponent is the Atlanta Hawks. Now, the
Hawks, I believe, are the only team in the playoffs below .500. I will not
give this match-up to Indiana as an outright win, because the Pacers have
been playing lackluster basketball after the All-Star break. In the NBA,
it’s about getting the key wins when they matter most. I just hope the
Pacers find their chemistry where it matters most. Moving on to my infamous
cheat code squad, the Miami Heat going against the Bobcats. We will get to
see Kemba Walker & Al Jefferson for the first time on TV, because they
haven’t aired hardly any of their games on TV. They have had a long season,
but they got in the playoffs, which is what matters most. Miami is coming
in pretty banged up from the 82 game season. LeBron isn’t concerned about
the MVP race, because he wants to get this trifecta. It won’t be easy
though. Wade & Bosh will have to come with their best games averaging at
least 20 points per game. It’s an open run no matter how you look at it.
The Toronto Raptors have the Brooklyn Nets. This is an interesting
match-up, because as pointed out on “The Starters” on NBA TV, the Nets have
fewer players in the playoffs with actual playoff experience, BUT the
Raptor players as a whole don’t have my experience at all. KG & Pierce
alone have over 300 games between them since they have played quite a few
games in their career. I am tempted to say that the Raptors is the youngest
team in the league. I could be wrong. That could be a little risky. The
final series involves the Washington Wizards & the Chicago Bulls. This has
to be the most interesting competition of the East. It’s close to the Nets
(you’ll see why in a moment). Joakim Noah will have to bring it night in
and night out. When it comes to the Wizards, they have one of the best back
courts in the East (probably in the league, next to Thompson & Curry when
they’re hot). Speaking on back courts, there aren’t many legitimate back
courts in the NBA when you think about it. One time, there was some good
run & gun back courts. Those days are literally decades behind us. I think
the match-up between Nene & Noah is gonna be as good as they come. Both
good rebounders. Both good passers. Both open to bringing their A game. So,
who am I picking for these series? I am probably going to be way off with
these match-ups, but these are MY choices. Hawks (3) vs. *Pacers (4)*, *Nets
(4) *vs. Raptors (2), Bobcats (1) vs. *Heat (4)*, Wizards (3) vs. *Bulls

I initially wanted to talk about the draft, but I think I will wait until
all parties are staking their claim to the next level known as the NBA &
then talking about how I “think” the teams will pick. I honestly may wait
until the lottery is officially done, & who’s on the board & just go from
there. I hope you all enjoyed reading this just as much as I did writing
it. The writing madness will never stop. Take it easy & I’m out.

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