Anger & Frustration…

Didn’t have much of an angle to go with this. My blog is in “draft phase”, but it’ll privately be shared when the time is right. 

Anger & Frustration

People do ignorant things
And make multiple mistakes
We want justice
No more peace
Expecting others to hear us
Wondering what to do
A silent gesture
Which in some people’s mind
Was a smart & simple move
But it was too boring
And kinda simple for those involved
A tape “accidentally” leaked
But no apology has been made
And no resolution has been cleared
So from the outside
People want answers
And one thing not thought of
Is that this is an owner
And because of this
Other owners should have their hands
On this situation
Twitter went a buzz
The tweets were endless
Some people wrote multiple posts
But it won’t change what was said
And it won’t overpower
What could be done
But we’re looking for a fight
That may not actually be occurring
I’m outraged
I’m appalled
I’m far from those things
I feel
Anger & frustration


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