Probably my first private blog…

OK, I’ve been sitting back & forth trying to figure out how I wanna talk about this situation involving Donald Sterling. Initially I didn’t plan on writing anything about it, but I realized that if I don’t write something, I won’t feel right. What I decided to do was write it as a private blog, & if the moment is right, I’ll publicly share it. I have a lot of private blogs that I wanna write, but I think this is the first one, & it’s honestly not gonna be the last one. I feel like there are a lot of angered people by an incident or infraction that he hasn’t done the first time. The debates on Facebook, Twitter, & even Instagram shows multiple agreements & disagreements. I even had to give someone a hard time for posting the word “Salve” when referring to the word slave of how one of the players was who played for the Clippers. I think the one thing that I enjoy is how everyone is OUTRAGED by the reactions of the players on the team. They decided to do a silent protest. The last silent protest that came to mind was with the Fab 5 squad deciding to wear plain blue shirts with no Michigan logo on them. There have probably been others, but this one easily stands out to me based on recently seeing the story about the Fab 5. Many outlet sources have expressed their frustration about handling this. Some people feel like they shouldn’t have played & boycott playing another game for the Clippers until something was done. So my first question is “What if the commissioner doesn’t fire Donald Sterling?”. I mean, the stories recently circled that Magic Johnson is willing to take on the owner position of the Clippers if Sterling was fired. I mean, what’s amazing is that there are so many pieces of this puzzle that we don’t know. For starters, as most people will say, he’s innocent until proven guilty. It has been presumed that the girlfriend did this as a form of revenge, which is not clearly presented. What I found odd, which I didn’t know about until now, is that Donald Sterling has an awkward form of racism. It’s like “I’m not racist, see, I have a mixed girlfriend”, which in reality doesn’t mean anything. If you have your personal feelings towards blacks, then it seems awkward when you’re the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, the head coach of your team is an African-American, & he’s placed in a position to face all of this. It’s interesting that I wrote this blog a year or so ago, & it was a pretty heavy topic. Now, here it is where Donald Sterling is hardly heard about, & he’s trying to make his mark off the court since he was banned from the NBA for life. The fact that he didn’t realize how much animosity & tension he caused with what he did was just a shame. It wasn’t just this instance that locked him out of the NBA, but his constant moments of ignorance that caused him to stick his other foot out the door. You have to sometimes be cautious of what you say or what you do.

Why did I write this blog? I really wanted to speak on how challenging it becomes to address various topics that are out here in the world. It’s crazy that this happened over 2 years ago, & I have left this draft worried about how others would feel about it. What’s amazing is that so much has changed since this happened. You’d be surprised by how much growth comes with change or challenges. Sorry I left this one dangling. I’m back & I’m gonna go ahead & finish this & start on my next one. Until next time, this is BT signing out.

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