Bad Timing

Life has those good times, & they normally work to our advantage pretty
good. Then there are those moments or times when things don’t seem to go
our way. The worst part is that our way isn’t even the way that we’re meant
to live by (most of us). The thing is that we choose to point out things
when it’s of our personal benefit. A huge portion of me writing this is
because yesterday Maya Angelou passed at the age of 86. Many people can go
back & think of her book “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” (wonder if
Alicia Keys gave credit on that one…hint hint). One poem of hers I always
think about is “I Rise”. I can remember easily reciting & memorizing that
poem in 7th grade if I’m not mistaken. That was a point in life where I had
to learn how to not only be approachable when standing in front of people,
but to know that I have a message or purpose of what I wanted to say.

The quest & purpose of tackling this blog is to wonder & inquire about our
reason behind thinking about the things someone has done after they’ve
passed. This not only applies to celebrities & individuals in the
music/entertainment industry, but everyday people in our own lives. We take
time to think about & acknowledge them after they’ve passed. One statement
I hear people say all the time is that the best time to give people their
flowers & cards is while they’re here. It’s hard thing to think about what
a person has previously done instead of what they’re doing while they’re
here. It goes back to the title of bad timing. We should miss & value
people while they’re living. That’s a mistake that’s made very frequently &
often. Leave a lasting impression so that people won’t have to go into an
extreme reminiscing of you after the fact. Thinking of people while they’re
here is a constant that goes under the radar so many times we don’t even
think about it.

The key component is timing. When it’s good or bad timing, it will show.
Good timing in our lives are mostly out of our control. However, when times
are bad, they’re more challenging than we realize sometimes. I apologize if
I’m breaking this blog down a little shorter than normal, but this is all I
got right now. I personally hit a mental writer’s block. Until next time,
this is BT signing out.

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