Cooling down phase (time for everything)

Well I was just reminded of the disadvantage of not saving a thought when
starting to write a draft through my phone app. Usually I’m stuck on
writing these as drafts through Gmail, but this time I didn’t, & it hurt me
in the long haul. Thankfully, I was in the early stages of writing this
blog, so I didn’t write as much & you hopefully won’t miss as much. So one
thing that sexual partners are known for having is that pillow talk
following their intimate experiences. I would normally call it a session,
but that might fly over with no chance of returning. Nonetheless, an
encounter will occur with someone you’re attracted to, but may not be in
love with. Heck, you may not even be in like with that person. Is this when
I end the blog & let the arguments & debates become as heated as possible.
However, I won’t do that. Random note: I like the direction of this blog
already. Moving forward… So the key element that some people (both men &
women) do is display their affection or feelings towards someone. In other
words, you pick sex as the moment to tell someone that you love them. Now
there are some pros and cons to this. For instance, during the “session”
(so much for going away from the norm lol), a person can say it & the other
person hearing it may respond back saying they love they love them too.
Then the questions start to kick in during what I like to call the
cool-down phase. That cool down phase is literally just that…a chance to
just cool down acknowledge something enjoyable just happened & to move
forward. Now I will warn you that this is my first time writing about love
in a long time (plus doing so while being a legitimate free agent makes
this more creative). So as stated, the cool down phase is a key component
to sessions with your partner. One huge reason why is because during that
time period you can build up energy to do more intimately, or you can talk
about something random. One thing you DON’T bring up
​ during the cool-down phase is your personal feelings, or spark a
conversation that can ruin the mood. Now, again, if you’ve been involved
with someone for a long period of time & you both are attracted to each
other, AND (most of all) you both genuinely know from the bottom of your
heart that you love each other, then you can slip in an “I Love You”, but
the truth of the matter is that in most cases, you are probably sweaty or
still mentally trying to get out of the state of what just happened. I
obviously can’t speak from a woman’s point of view, but as far as a woman
being with a man, the last thing you’re expecting to hear is “I Love you”.
Women think about EVERYTHING. You know goodness well that getting some good
sex will make you bound to say just about anything. During the cool down
phase, you especially don’t talk about buying something for someone. My
personal favorite that men need to STOP doing is asking how it was. If she
didn’t enjoy it, your cool down phase would occur either in another room,
or in your car as you’re heading home with clothes on that got sweat
pouring off of them. And yes, I’m going the heterosexual direction, but
overall, this is a legitimate theory with people as a whole. Even outside
of sex, we have cool down phases with our friends. After you’ve hung out
with someone & just chilled (no sex or anything) & it could even be a
friend that you don’t look at on an intimate level, you utilize that cool
down time following hanging to just let them know that you enjoyed hanging
out or give hugs or make it cool & calm. Not aggressive & expose thirst.
People today need to quit it w/ their thirst coming out of their pores.
That’s about the main focal point of what I wanted to write about in this
blog. It’s so many other directions I wanna take this, but if I do, I will
have you sitting here reading this for next few days. It’ll be loads fun
regardless. ​Nonetheless, there comes a time to talk about and bring up
certain things (this ties into the “time or everything” portion of the
title). As I have emphasized, expressing your love and care for someone you
just met over a few weeks ago isn’t something that should be addressed
during the cool down phase. This goes to BOTH men & women. I think that we
sometimes get caught up in love so fast that we don’t even know what or who
we love. Hell, some of us don’t even love ourselves. If someone who
genuinely meant it told us “they love us”, we wouldn’t accept it, or we
begin to question what that person loves about us, when the truth is that
the love you for you. This oddly ties into my last blog about loving and
being honest with ourselves. It’s an ongoing battle that could possibly end
no time soon. That’s just the way it is honestly. Caring for anything else
beyond our own lives is a mistake that’s made time and time again. Just a
part of the madness sometimes.

​Well, I think this is a good dangling point for this blog. I must say that
I have hit a strong topic that some people have thought about, but not been
sure how to handle it. My personal suggestion…if conversations like this
come up, RUN! No, seriously, just share with people that there’s a time and
place for certain things to be discussed. You know what you do & don’t
wanna hear about at what point of a routine. It’s almost like being in the
car driving & someone tells you about someone close to you passing away. It
could cause your cool down moment to increase & follow up with lots & lots
of stress, which can impede your driving. Just pick and choose when to make
announcements & share things. I know I didn’t need to spend an entire blog
sharing this, but when this topic briefly crossed my mind, I had to talk
about it a little to have some fun & talk about my personal intake on it
(though it wasn’t asked). Until next time, enjoy your day everyone & keep
on shining. As I say time and time again, don’t let anyone or anything take
your shine or possible glory. ​

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