I’ll apologize now & get it out of the way. This may be a repeat offender
sorta blog, but it’s the thought that’s crossed my mind tonight. I will go
ahead & share now that this will be the last blog I’m gonna be writing for
a while. Of course, I follow up with stating that many of you know why,
while others of you don’t & have found your preferred ways of inquiring. If
you’ve directly contacted me and gotten a fair source of information, then
I appreciate. If your source was “considered” to be reliable, but didn’t
come straight from the horse’s mouth, then that’s on you & until you come
clean & ask what’s going on, then that’s what it’s gonna be. I know many of
you have come for a blog, so I will write a blog & make it the most
enjoyable & honest blog I’ve written in quite some time. I have been on a
bit of a blogging freeze, with somewhat legitimate reasons. I was making
sure that this blog came from the heart obviously. Most importantly, I
don’t want it to sit in my e-mail account & become a draft that goes
unwritten. Why do we rush into things? When we rush into it, is it what
we’re looking for? What do we gain from that so called rush. One thing I
think about that has a rush but you have to wait to reach the rush are
roller coaster rides. They have so many loops & most of the time take up
hardly 2 minutes at the max. However, there are usually hundreds of people
waiting in line to get on a ride, & they have their respective places they
wanna sit on the ride (front, back, middle, etc). The best feeling for
someone is walking up to a ride & seeing no line, & seeing that the ride is
actually up and running. As expected, this blog isn’t about rides & the
rush of rides, so if that’s what you were coming for, I appreciate your
visit, but my true readers & lovers of thought know where I’m taking this
(or as usual, you know it’s gonna go somewhere unexpected).

Sometimes, men & women go into a situation involving their partner looking
for something. The problem becomes how fast it happens, & if it’s too fast.
Some forms of love and connections happen within an instant. I’ll admit
that I’ve made some great online friendships with people who have yet to
see me in person, but the times and moments that I talk with them, I enjoy
the hello’s & what’s up’s that come along the way. However, I haven’t met
those people & suddenly fallen for them. It’s this habit and problem that
people have where they fall for someone & they don’t even know what they’re
falling, & I will personally take a different approach on this blog (yep
here comes my monkey wrench). Last year involved a lot of rushing with me.
It was beyond relationships though. It involved my life, my routine,
wanting things to go a certain way, when in reality I needed to be still. I
had everything I needed, but I was so caught up in what I wanted that the
needs and priorities were VERY neglected. As I’ve written before, I take
full responsibility for this one. I highly dropped the ball on this one. I
can break down all of my relationship & dating situations from last year &
they exploded before they even had a chance to establish themselves. The
big mistake is that I was rushing to look for something instead of just
enjoying the moment & letting reality expose itself for what it’s worth. By
rushing all of these situations, I ended up being in situations and places
with people that became very uncomfortable very fast. You have to
understand that in most cases, you’re trying to give someone your all, when
you honestly don’t even know what your all is to begin with. There’s a head
scratcher all by itself (and yes, I’m aware that scratcher isn’t a word,
but it’ll be a word for the purpose of this blog). I have to admit that I
will tag quite a few people on this blog that I usually don’t tag on my
blogs, so if you’re one of the lucky ones, don’t feel like I’m writing this
targeting you, because that’s far from the case. I did a lot of things
wrong, & one thing that I point out is that it takes a big step to realize
when you have just messed up & done something that you didn’t have no
business doing in the first place. I rushed looking for something that I
didn’t even need, when in truth I wasn’t getting what I was going after in
the first place. That’s the mistake people make day in day out without
realizing it. You make decisions & hope your primary/gut instinct is legit.
Most of the time, it is, while other times, it’s the worst thing you could
have done. You usually find yourself realizing that leaving well enough
alone was the best & only way to have it along.

Thinking back to 2012, I was in a very active mindset back then. If I
wasn’t trying to help the kids at the boys & girls doing something, I was
working on the presidential re-election campaign. If I didn’t have a chance
to just enjoy some me time playing basketball, I was hanging with friends
enjoying life & knowing how to seize moments that may never happen again.
If it wasn’t ugly sweaters being worn, it was self dates doing things I
loved. I think the one thing I had a huge passion for & didn’t do enough of
& regret not handling more often was gaming. I would get my blogs out there
as usual & listen to music (I expanded my mental music eargasm’s to another
level (yep another made-up word, but roll with it)). I was doing some of
those things last year, but then I needed an even more important thing,
that I rushed, & that was a spiritual and more positive foundation. I refer
to it within that extreme because I was posting and sharing daily quotes,
but they weren’t coming from the right place. Granted, that doesn’t mean
I’m gonna post statuses every other day with God or Jesus that (because I
know that you don’t have to write for others, but still make your point
clear & direct to those who matter). I just wasn’t writing and sharing from
the heart & the mind. My thoughts were all over, & even had a tendency to
be subliminal in my thoughts. Sometimes, we need that message to push
someone, but there’s a time and place for it. OK, wait, I’m supposed to be
talking about rushing into things, right? Yeah, where was I? Oh yeah,
people rushing thinking they’re gonna get a better result when sometimes
they can literally run the person away. So my odd solution…you might have
to be sitting down for this, because some may think it’s harsh, but it’s
best to do it this way & speaking from experience, it cuts lets stress &
drama in the end. If you feel either rushed or uncomfortable with someone
about something going in a way that it’s not meant to, then you talk to
that person & see what they’re in a rush for? Is there something going on
that they’re not telling you about? Most importantly, do the feel you’re
gonna “go out” on them. Sometimes, people have a tendency to look at things
being more than what they are, when the truth is that everything would be
OK if the stress decreased & trust increased. Rushing things draws a HUGE
level of discomfort & frustration! A perfect example of this is my
blogging. If I ever write blogs that are rushed, it shows in the final
quality of the product. It’s written kinda dangling & doesn’t keep or
maintain everyone’s attention. Back to the cold-hearted truth, if you have
someone who’s falling close to that clingy or fatal phase that are rushing
everything, as a friend of mine said, you are to walk away slowly & then
literally RUN AWAY! It’s easier said than done (highly speaking from
experience for those who know all that’s going on with me), but you have to
prove to yourself primary that you’re the bigger person. If you do this,
there’s a lot of pride that you can gain from handling it this way. You
don’t think about how helpful it is to draw less stress on yourself. So,
that’s about as simple as I can share that point of view.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. A video game I played a while back
said that we as human’s ONLY use 10% of our brain. Think of what would
happen if we actually used our mind to it’s full potential & weren’t
claiming to be lazy or putting things off that could possibly help someone,
let alone ourselves. The world would be spinning circles around itself.
Yeah, that one might have literally flown over your head. My closing to
everyone is to not rush into everything. Some things come with a rushed
pace, but it’s beneficial. Even those things have a process of slight
waiting & we as people have to learn to be patient & usually, we’re forced
to be still. It’s just something that we have to learn when we don’t wanna
learn it. Getting taught to sit back & look at the big picture can be the
best thing in the world. Learn to let life flow & not rush into everything.
Some things can come with time. “There’s a time for everything & everything
has it’s time”. To state the verse better from Ecclesiastes 3, verse 1, it
says *”To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under
the heaven”*. Our lives are the exact same way. Things in life happen for a
reason. When you rush or question something, then that means it might be
something that you weren’t meant to be bothered with in the first place.
You have to let things simplify themselves. I’ll leave you with this
thought. If you don’t allow your mind to expand or write your thoughts that
are worth sharing, then one will understand what’s possibly out there. I
hope you all have enjoyed this blog. I hope to return within a few months.
Some of you know what’s going on, & I’ll leave it at that. I don’t wanna
sound like a dead horse, because that’s not my style. I just wanted to
share a good blog & get some thoughts out there on paper. Take care

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