Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number

The best thing about working on a blog is that you’re not as forced to
write as others make it seem. I have a hunch that this topic is one that
I’ve probably written before, but sometimes when you personally go through
certain things, it causes you sit down & think differently about
everything. Of course, I’m writing this blog near the same time of
Aaliyah’s passing. It’s only fitting that I use one of her hit singles as a
title for this blog. Anyways, one thing that we have a tendency to oversee
is how the numerical value of a person’s age only means as much as the
person who claims the numerical value. Looking back over the past few years
(turning 30, 31, & soon turning 32), I realize that some big moments aren’t
as big if you’re not prepared for what’s to possibly come with the turning
of the age. Responsibilities come with points in life such as turning 18 or
turning 21. Also, these responsibilities come within the United States. In
other countries, traditions and cultures vary, which means that a person in
the US being excited about turning 21 & being able to “legally” drink
compared to being in another country and drinking at the age of 16 or 17
confirms how the number of a person’s age is just that…a number. It’s not
the number of the person’s age, but mostly the way they handle and carry
themselves when turning a certain age. The blog following this (entitled
Good Grief) goes into how we all have a tough time dealing with issues. I’m
teasing information from that blog because this current blog will honestly
break down something that I faced that was a slight dosage of reality. When
I turned 30, I knew it was a monumental moment, & treated as such. However,
at the age of 30, I felt like there were these things I “had” to do, which
I really didn’t even need to do. If you wanna be technical, I haven’t added
anymore ink on my person since turning 31. I got my blank scribe the day
before turning 31. I’m highly aware that this has absolutely nothing to do
with the age of my person. What it does have to do with however is that the
decisions I was making seemed right in some aspects and just totally wrong
in others. For example, I did a lot of rushing and jumping and didn’t take
time to think back to things that worked all along in the first place. This
topic itself solely broke down to how there are parents who have their kids
handling tasks in their homes at ages that is meant for an adult to handle.
In a sense, it’s almost like making a young child practically become the
man of the house. He doesn’t know how to do that. When he does become old
enough to be an adult, he’s prepared, but it’s gonna have him causing
himself to miss out on the things a child would normally enjoy at the age &
stage of childhood. Take me for example, I won’t say I’m going through a
midlife crisis with my addiction for things like playing basketball or
video games, because those are just passions that have always been engraved
in me. I think the flaw that comes into play is how I practically caused
myself to take a break from the things that I enjoyed that were always a
part of me no matter how you look at it. A while back, I remember there
being this theory or logical thought that women mature faster than men. You
have some immature females who don’t wanna let go of certain things or
certain people. Obviously, the same would apply to men, but the infamous
“man vs. woman” debacle will never end. The perfect example of this whole
conversation that I’m trying to break down is Michael Jackson. When he was
younger & Joe had him practicing to become a star, he was practicing so
hard that he didn’t have a clue what being a child was. In doing this, when
he finally became an adult and didn’t have to go as far with having to
create music because of his knack, it caused him to wanna go back & do
things like a kid. It was like giving a child some change & saying go to
the store. Instead, Michael went to the store and knew his royalties,
shows, tours, etc. would cover his expenses when he went out. There are
those people out here who have to work to earn their keep while you have
people who don’t even have to lift a finger to get anything accomplished.

I sit here writing & typing & realizing that this is the first blog of many
since going through what I told most people was my “transition”, & the
truth was that it was. I obviously don’t sit around looking for pity or
sorrow. I just want it to be clear that I didn’t wake up & make the choice
that I made to put myself where I was. I did things super backwards. I
think my next blog that I write will clear up where I’m coming from about

I’ll speak one more piece about the age factor, & then I’m politely placing
the mic back on the stand (not ready to drop mics yet, though I dropped my
first one earlier today). Earlier, I mentioned that some women have the
mindset that they mature faster than men. One thing that I find amazing is
that I’ve been known to hear more women worry about getting older than men.
What’s even worse is that the women who have this mindset or POV are
practically young. On the same token, though, everyone has their own
definition of what’s considered young & when there are these hills and
mountains that we climb or overcome when a page or chapter of our lives are
written. I’ll use this ending and blog to share that I’ve got some
writing’s in the works. I’ve been leaking secrets to a few people. Some
folks I’ve shared with knowing that it won’t get far, which is just how I
like it. Just remember that you can have two people act the same age & it
not be their actual numerical value. The perfect instance of this is when a
12 or 13 year old tries to think they’re in their 20’s trying to do things
rushing and pushing their life to move along faster, but then don’t want
the responsibilities that comes w/ that particular age. Because of this, it
causes them to miss out on enjoying what 13 year old’s do at their age.
Just take time, don’t rush living, & don’t rush living thinking that
there’s something worth being older for. Men & women, regardless if you’re
27 or 37, you’re only as old as you think you are, because at the end of
the day, that numerical value is still…just a number. Age ain’t nothing
but a number. Throwing down ain’t nothing but a thing. This loving I have
for you. It’ll never change. R.I.P. Aaliyah. This is Bryan signing out.

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