Birthday Blog…

I’m not even sure what I really wanna say in this blog or entry. I think
that I have said a lot most of the morning. I have seen a lot of my friends
writing their thoughts on various things, & here I am sitting on my 32nd
birthday thinking to myself what I have accomplished reaching this point.
My immediate response is that I don’t feel like I got a damn thing
accomplished. Then, when I really sit back & think about it, I actually
have gotten more done than meets the eye. The reason I say that is that I
went into somewhat of a dark place for a few years. I don’t blame anyone
else for where I’ve been or what I’ve gone through. I am not sitting here
writing & thinking that I’m higher or bigger than anything in this world,
because I’m still working to grow only as I know how. The key element is
that there’s a piece of me scared to grow & prepare for what’s ahead.
However, friends have told me, my mother, & God is practically telling me
to stop stressing & worrying and to just let it all come together. The
problem is that sometimes I don’t know how to do that. Well, that’s all
about to change thankfully. I am shockingly glad to realize that I’m in a
good place in my life for once. I honestly must admit that it feels good to
be 32. To some, it may not be this revolutionary year, but on the same
token, it’s a key element to me growing & going through a transition that I
didn’t expect. It’s one thing to say it, but as my brother told me, you
have to let your actions speak louder than your words. Speaking of actions,
I’m about to let this blog entry finish here. I will definitely get more
thoughts expressed for a change. Trust me, I hope that everyone likes the
direction where my blog may be possibly going. I have a hunch I might go
old school for the benefit of my blog. Just have to wait & see. Take it
easy everyone.

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