Opening Kickoff

So it looks like changing to a new blog location that’s old is causing me to talk about a little football & address a few personal things that I feel I just need to get off my chest. Well first and foremost, it seems as though the Seattle seahawks are in full swing this season after their blowout against green bay Packers. In this form of writing, I already can see that editing will be important in order to make sure that I set out good content for my readers. Nonetheless, the Packers got destroyed last night by the seahawks. The key ingredient had to be the 12th man aka the crowd. For some reason, I took that win a little personal because of some things that honestly had absolutely nothing to do with kickoff. What’s interesting is that the title has nothing at all to do with football. Well it slightly does, but it’s interesting that it happens on my birthday. There seemed to be a lot going on. One of my friends I’ve known for years was going through some personal things that I found out this morning & it caused me to look & feel stupid. I was sitting and thinking to myself why are people so pressed about getting gifts or recognition for their birthday. What’s not thought about is that our birthday has an opportunity to be acknowledged over the next year. OK, that may sound confusing, but here’s a simple way to look at it. With me, for instance, my birthday landed on September 4th. Even if someone doesn’t write a text or call me on that I have that day & every day following that day to get appreciation or birthday love. Once the 4th of September arrives the following year, THEN that’s when it becomes belated. That might be me thinking different, but that’s the simplest way I can look at it. Every moment you’re living and breathing means you are a step closer to embracing yet another year. Sometimes, we don’t look at it like that. These last few days, I’ve been taught to value and cherish the simple things. One thing I’ve been forced to learn is that life comes at its own speed & not the speed movement that we prefer it to go. Our minds think big and miss the small things.

Coming back to Earth, in less than 2 days, everyone will be finalizing their fantasy football league picks & trying to make sure they have enough beer and food in arms length to avoid excessive movement. Yesterday showed me something also that could be a reality come super bowl in February. The commercials that everyone hopes they’ll enjoy might not actually show up. They showed some good commercials for it to be a Thursday night game. In all sincerity I wasn’t supposed to watch the game, because nbc 12 had the game unable to be seen on directv, which is still odd. That channel has been out for a few days & it seems like directv isn’t worried about whether the channel gets any sort of handling by opening kickoff on Sunday night. And of course, if I can’t see it, then plan B on the computer will be put into play. And before you ask, I will not tell publicly where that comes from. All I can say is “are we ready to see some football? Everyone will have their flags and key chains & jerseys ready to go. You know I’m keeping a close eye on Carolina as I do every year. Even worse is that we play our rivals week one. I think my friend wanted to make a bet on the game, which I won’t do again ever again. Bad enough Cam Newtown might not play. We’ll just have to wait and see. I know this blog is a little different, but sometimes change is good for us. Until next time, I’m Bryan & I’m Audi.

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