Rules of Social Media

I feel like I’ve written or talked about this numerous times. There are times I wish I that celebrities had access to my blog, because I see so many of them write thoughts w/ no consideration of how the everyday John & Jane Doe’s will react to what you feel are your personal thoughts. For this blog, I’ve got two personal stories related to this situation, which helps put these thoughts into perspective. Before I tell these stories, I’m gonna try to break down the specific definitions of these “so-called” thoughts of what people think is considered to be freedom of speech or freedom of expression. The key component, as I read, is that people have a tendency to get the two of them confused. The term “freedom of speech” is the political right to communicate one’s opinions and ideas using one’s body & property to anyone who is willing to receive them. Freedom of expression falls under the same branch, but it includes any act of seeking, receiving, and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used. OK, I just pulled a whole excerpt from Wikipedia, & it’s only fitting to just break down the truth about what this entails & compare it to what’s allowed to be fair to say & when to just learn that you have a filter for a reason. I just think that if more people spent their time not trying to go out of their way being more than they have to be online, you wouldn’t have this come up as an issue so often.

I feel like I need to make sure that I get this blog written sooner than later, because I have a hunch that a personal blog is coming pretty soon. I mean, I can’t dodge or avoid that my life is the way it is. Nonetheless, the social medias & even being on TV, people need to pick what they say & choose their feelings of expressions wisely. Some things are tough because it’s challenging trying to figure out the right way to encounter a situation that’s pretty much right in our face sometimes. One thing that’s clear, & Dan Patrick made this clear today (glad I delayed this blog) is that people are scared to talk about domestic violence. I will honestly speak on the topic & kinda give a personal stance about things in a moment. Going back to the topic, people as a whole have to think long and hard about what to say when a camera is in front of you asking about a topic that you may not fully know or have much information about. The primary root of me writing this blog is a tweet (that’s a Twitter post for those new to the technical society) posted by Paul George about domestic violence. Now, here’s where I enter yet another disclaimer. If you have feelings or thoughts, posting them on a social media website where you have million of people following you isn’t the best place to give an opinion about something where your teammates or even the league can rip you apart. Just a few hours ago, I watched an interview done by Rachel Nichols with Floyd “Money” Mayweather before his match this past weekend. He wasn’t filtered or put around the right people before having that interview. The same applies with Paul George. I have a good conversation piece that was brought to my attention today. Every Tuesday, Tom Brady does his weekly press conference related to topics in regards to the league. The topic he was asked about was in regards to the situation involving Ray Rice & what were his thoughts about it. His response was that he declines to take a stand on the topic. His exact words were “It’s not really my responsibility to speak out about those things, because there are a lot of other people doing the talking.” Now, there are probably going to be people who give him a pass, while there are those who feel like he’s tip-toeing around the topic. The main point is that there’s no right or wrong way to handle it when society’s involved. No matter how you look at it, you will be given a hard time when it comes to handling a situation or talking about something that you may honestly not know what to say or how to say it. The one thing that this teaches me personally is that a lot of people don’t know how to talk about a situation that they’re facing for the first time.

OK, I tried to make a point, but I think I turned this blog into a more random venting/ranting blog to just talk about how we need to find the right ways to talk about situations and issues around us, instead of just jumping out there & saying what’s really on our mind not realizing that someone out there will take a screen shot & practically hold it over your head. It’s no different than if you don’t publicly do something & it privately spreads around that you’ve made a mistaken. No one allows you to live it down, because Ray Rice, Paul George, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, & even Tom Brady are ALL human. There are others I could name, but these are the first people I could think of to post and share. As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this. There’s a quick blog to follow up to this one. I think my true readers probably know where this is going. As always, BT signing out.

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