Ways to Take Care of Myself

So, I’m writing this because I don’t wanna leave things in my life unfinished. Based on my recent experiences (personal & family-oriented), I’m learning & realizing that it’s important to leave nothing unfinished. A few months ago, I was very guilty & famous for writing things & leaving multiple drafts sitting around. This ends now. I’m working on this as we speak. Since I’m 32 & it’s on fitting, I will write 32 various ways that I take care of myself.

If you’d like to read the original link/blog or may want to write this yourself, here’s her posts for a few other examples:


So I’m writing these based on my personal experiences & options:

1. Playing basketball
2. Writing in my journal (publicly via blog or privately via my various sites)
3. Posting inspirational thoughts to friends
4. Watching let’s plays & cos plays on YouTube
5. Streaming HOURS of various Pandora stations
6. Cookies (Chocolate chip & raisins…separate)…thanks sis.
7. Learning how to grieve (as I just wrote a blog about this right).
8. Twitch (thank you gaming addiction) & gaming in general.
9. Listening to my computer whizzing & whirring while I’m working on absolutely nothing
10. Jumping in the car going somewhere knowing that I can have fun wherever it is
11. Watching soccer (AC Milan, Chelsea, & Richmond Kickers).
12. Wearing nerdy shirts with no name tennis shoes
13. Being proud & comfortable in the skin I’m in
14. Twitter trends & random hash tags.
15. Catching musical snob moments while attending parties & gatherings.
16. Avoid looking at clocks (and if I do, I hope that the clock has NO numbers on it).
17. Texting friends or the cool kids about random nerdy thoughts
18. Striving & thriving to find a form of employment (surprise , I’ve been out of work lately)
19. Motivational messages either written or shared with me personally
20. Seeing friends say that they’re actually OK & are happy in their lives
21. Naps. (sorry, couldn’t resist using that one).
22. My gaming snack combo (Java Monster mean bean, King Size White chocolate Hershey bar, Sweet Southern heat BBQ Lays potato chips)
23. Having a friend I can call booski & confuse friends like crazy of her being a legitimate friend.
24. UMG & Game battles (true gamers know about these sites)
25. Streaming equipment (Gaming PC, Twitch obviously, elgato capture card & Aver media card…still undecided).
26. AMAZON WISH LIST!!!! Oh my goodness, learning about this made me feel like I was super behind.
27. Finding ways to implement red, black, & white into my wardrobe or just accessories or gaming pieces I own.
28. A 64oz water jug to handle my 8 glass consumption.
29. Talking to myself when no one is listening (growing up as a child, it was hard. Imagination is a beast).
30. Comforting affection from good people (doesn’t even have to be physical).
31. Seek & find puzzles when I’m able to sit & do one.
32. Daily devotions in my bible (which reminds me I need to do mine).

So based on #32, this is where I’ll leave this blog/post. I hope that you all enjoyed reading this. I know that I probably forgot a few things. However, I’m glad that I went ahead & wrote this & put it behind me. I have more thoughts/blogs to share. I wanna make sure that I get my daily devotional completed, & then from there, I will be working on a tough blog along with possibly a journal entry. Until next time, this is Bryan signing out.

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