Privacy vs. Trust

So I’ve been going back & forth with trying to chip @ this blog topic, because it’s somewhat of an iffy/touchy topic. Most people who know me knows I don’t do touchy, because there will always be someone who will get caught up in their feelings & emotions or whatever the case may be. So, I’ll break down down the status/post that I read & somewhat triggered this topic. When you’re involved with your significant other, & he or she locks her phone, then how much conflict or controversy comes with having your phone locked. Then, the key element is where does trust come into the mix. Not even trusts others. Most of us don’t even trust ourselves. It’s important to trust in others & allow others to trust in you. OK, here’s where I throw in my random example. We trust that even though we’ve paid the bill for our water to be on, when we get up & take a shower, we expect to have the shower on & running. If it isn’t running, then it sometimes questions our trust in cities water system (unless some type of maintenance comes up that no one tells you).

In this blog, I hope to compare these two components as best as possible. Before I tackle the comparison, i should give the breakdown of this topic (which I started to get into early on in this blog). A few weeks back, a friend of mine came across a unique situation that many have probably encountered at some point. You’re involved with your partner & realize that he/she has a tendency to have their phone locked frequently & often. As an added bonus, there is this openness (confirmed that this is a word) that there are partners who give their significant other access to their cell phone. To reiterate, this even goes beyond cell phones. This applies to to social media. Do you trust your partner with access to your social media sites? Now, one piece to add to this is that in most cases/instances, you have to lock your phone sometimes based on children just jumping on your phone & doing whatever they want thinking it’s their phone by nature or something. This is a scenario that probably doesn’t come up with everyone, but it’s a factor that you have to take into account. Also, to add to this, not everyone has something to hide, but there are those who live this so-called double on the web vs in person or when the social media shuts down. This will always a battling topic regardless of who you ask. There are those who feel that you should have some sort of privacy in your life in some sort of manner. I personally keep a journal to shade or hide many of these thoughts that barrel through my brain. I also know when to share & when to write privately. So, jumping back to the relationship side of the coin, we sometimes hide the wrong things OR we place too much of our personal lives on display. When it comes to our cell phones, we have a tendency to fail to realize how much information really exists in our cell phones. The key component is that people lock their phone practically as a safety feature (as mentioned earlier). It has nothing to do with hiding anything from your partner (in most cases). In the event that you lose your phone (or even your laptop) somewhere, having a password enables some form of security on the device. Most of the times, a person automatically assumes that someone is hiding something from us, when it isn’t always about us. On the other side of the coin you have the people who NEVER lock their phone. I’ll admit that I hardly lock my phone now (and that’s even when I was in relationships or not, I kept my business public, because it’s nothing on there I have to hide). I have found no purpose to lock my phone. This applies to whether I’m single or involved in a relationship. This is what I would like to call trust. Sometimes, we have hardly trust ourselves (as mentioned earlier). Sometimes, we hardly trust ourselves. That’s a thought/theory we vaguely think about. One thing I used to do is put my phone on the table or in front of someone & say “If you want to know anything or see who I know, then here it is.” You have people (both men & women) who are famous for putting fake names to hide certain people. Now, let’s not forget the difference between fake names vs. those so-called nicknames. Oh, & fellas, if I’m putting ya business on blast, then my bad. Just writing on what I have heard & sometimes oddly seen people tell me. For instance, some people will call someone their sis or bro. I can’t speak for others, but these people are my friends who know & understand me away from what social media “portrays”. Your real/true friends don’t take what’s seen personal. Of course, a person’s insecurities can become exposed in the strangest & most evident ways. There are guys who have a fit when a female posts on Instagram a picture or pictures that get HUNDREDS of likes. I guarantee you more than half of these people/guys who liked that picture don’t know that female when social medial shuts down. Guys write & share these deep & inspirational thoughts, but get yelled at because females liked the message based on a personal experience. For some reason, I went a little off course (which is normal for me), but you would be surprised by how personal certain things are taken at times. Maybe we should all be put in a bubble OR take away these certain forms of technology & bring people back to reality instead of being caught up in social media. Those who know me are very aware that I’ll go into the social topic for years & years to come. It’s just amazing how 10 years ago, an e-mail was usually what sparked controversy. Now, in 2014 & the years to come, it’s something as small & as simple as a text message or even a post on Twitter. I also have to take into account that a lot of people & their antics or actions is what causes them to lack in hardly anyone in the first place. Earning or maintaining trust is a hard/tall order for many people.

So, when it comes to privacy & trust, though they’re somewhat compared, they’re honestly key components to any relationship or even friendships. I have broken this down as clear as I possibly can. Obviously tackling every portion of this discussion is practically a roundtable discussion (as most of these blogs are). I’m just writing a lot of these thoughts to practically plant the seed & wake folks minds up in knowing what’s really going on out there. When it comes to your family or friends, are you hiding behind layers of privacy or trust issues, worried about what others may think of the information you’ll possibly share. Furthermore, is it even any of their business? And something to sit & really take into account…if someone REALLY wants you to know something, then they will really tell you. If they decide to shield or hide from that specific issue or incident, it will come out on it’s own. I think that it’s a tough thing that we want others to be open & honest, but we don’t find a reason to be honest in letting our vulnerabilities or flaws show sometimes. Just don’t get caught up in being so private or pushing someone to give you information that you may not need to know, & remember, trusting others requires trusting ourselves more than anything. No trust means no growth. With that being said, I’m gonna trust to grow into a bigger & more improved routine. Until next time, just continue to read & enjoy these thoughts as they’re being posted. I’m having fun with this…believe me. I’ve got a few more topics that kinda blend into this. The next topic, coincidentally is “Talking vs. Texting vs. Seeing”. I initially forgot the seeing part, but sometimes all the talking in the world doesn’t make up for actually being able to see someone. As always, this is BT & I’m signing out.

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