And now my personal blog…

OK, so now that I got that blog finished (I have been putting it off & putting it off, but it’s done thankfully), it’s time for me to randomly write a blog & come clean with myself & mostly life. I must admit that I’m really enjoying what life has ahead for me. I’m being very positive & strong lately. I have started to not stress or worry over what others are concerned about. I have learned to realize that I’m facing obstacles in my life every day I wake up and every night I go to sleep. They’re gonna come w/ the territory. Sometimes, we want answers to questions that we will never like in the end. This week has been a very productive week in my eyes, because I’m doing things to better & improve myself in a way that I have been wanting to for quite some time. I tell ya, having the right people in your corner goes a long way. I’ve lost a few folks to the wayside, & I can’t control that. However, I’m still standing, & those who are #teamBT knows that I’m more than willing their #teamPlayer2 where necessary. I think that’s the only way we become better people or improve on what mistakes we’ve made along the way. The truth is that we’re not always gonna get it right. However, if the effort shows & you’re trying along w/ a splash of doing, then you’re doing something right. I’ve been mentally contemplating my gaming & computer skills, because I think that I’ve got some skills that are not being accounted for. I really need to keep my computer skills up & sharpened, because there are some jobs that could possibly come my way that may be able to cut down a little stress for me. I know that anything is bound to come my way. Coming into this workforce has been a good solution, because I think they will give me lots of tools to work through my personal blocks that I feel might be blocks, & are probably just things that I’m thinking too much about in wanting them to basically go my way. I feel like lately, it’s time for me to show myself that I can do this. Proving anything to others won’t get me anywhere. I just know what’s most important in the end. This is not really a blog that I’m gonna forward to everyone or whatever. It’ll be out there to read when you have the time or effort. Those who have made it this far though…thank you. Whether it’s been to just say hey or just to check on me and make sure that I’m still keeping uplifting spirits, the thoughts are appreciated. Small things go a long way for me. That’s all I can say. I’m not here to chip at it any further. I just know what’s important & what matters most in the end. I just hope that my multiple brands of ideas come together. I have no doubts or worries. I just have to make sure to put 100% into all of them if I want this brand/movement to work out. That’s all I can tell people. I’ve done one small step that I still haven’t even publicly presented yet, because I think that everyone needs to be aware of what’s what, & the only way to accomplish this is by taking small steps, & once I progress, then the sky is the limit. And yes, that was a run-on sentence, but I feel that I can get away with those from time to time. Well, I am gonna end this journal/blog entry here. Until time allows me to write or share more, then I’ll just let the thoughts flow where they may. I’m glad that I’m back to doing this more often. I’m long overdue to write like this again. Well, this is BT signing out. I’m Audi.

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