Valuing the Simple Things

The simple fact that I’m putting off gaming to get this blog written means a lot. To some, they just hear me talk about and speak on gaming here & there. However, I have been wanting to type & share my thoughts about how much we as people don’t value the simple things. This topic kinda blends into my series, but it’s also something that we as everyday people don’t think about whatsoever. The reason being is because many of us feel that we should just get what we get & that be the end of it. However, there are many things that we have that we sometimes take for granted. I initially wanted write this blog based on what I have written on paper, but then I’m sitting here & realizing that you’re sometimes forced to just go away from what you have written & let your mind allow the thoughts to come together. Well, tonight is no exception. The past few days, I’ve been looking for one, & many people don’t value theirs, which causes me frustration at times. The fact that people are employed is something that’s so simple that we forget what it’s like to be without a job. I know that for me personally, I really miss working. Being unemployed for over a year is a HUGE transition that I didn’t think would happen. Nonetheless, here we are. I’ve thankfully learned not to cry over the milk that I personally spilled myself. All I constantly say is that I put myself in this position, & I have no one to look at in the mirror based on this but myself. So that’s one thing that we as people don’t value. The next thing, which is kinda bland or generic, because we just go through “living” it is LIFE. We wake up, we take a shower, we put on our clothes, we start our day & prepare for work, but do we value the fact that we have breath or the ability to breathe? I think back to working at the hospital (and even think about my sister) & how there are people in the hospital who mostly aren’t breathing on their own. A ventilator is what’s keeping them going. However, we can sit up, walk around, breath on our own, but we are the ones who are complaining more than those who are in those positions. Going back to those multiple things I mentioned in preparing your routine, water & the ability to take a bath or shower…a lot of people don’t value or realize that having this is NOT a luxury. It’s a necessity. Since it’s a part of hygiene (and yes I’ve been called out on mine…got no shame in realizing that I’m fixing/working on it daily), taking showers is something that a lot of people aren’t even able to do. When I was serving time, there were a lot of people who were uncomfortable and backwards when it came to taking showers or getting in the water for whatever reason. That was the term used in there. OK, I’ve got my music, relaxed position, & I’m going from there. Speaking of relaxing, having a bed to lay on (let alone a bed that you fit in) is something that people take for granted sometimes. Then, there are those with beds that are so big that you can lay everybody and their first born on the bed. Now, let’s go away from the bed & take it to the roof over your head. Some people have to cover up thanks to a sheet or a so-called blanket. Instead, many people have a rooming house, an apartment, or even a house that they can walk in & out, and is their place as long as they have a job & are keeping things intact. Nonetheless, we as people really don’t know how to value life without, because that “life without” scenario hits, & in most cases, we’re able to just stand up & find a way to work through. I’m not saying that you should run out here & help everyone that you can. However, if you have something or some things…cherish what you have. Most of all, if you have kids or children who are healthy & you are getting them whatever you can while still able to take care of you, value and cherish them. Kiss ’em on cheek, give them a hug. If you have your parents (in my case, my parents being alive is a HUGE blessing), remember that they are your parents for a reason. Even me with the touchy relationship w/ my father, I think we need to really invest that time in making sure that they’re OK. Even that means to sometimes stay out of their path & let them “do them”. When time comes, you’ll value and cherish things for what they’re worth.

I kinda wanted to hit on a few topics about things that we, as humans, don’t value. I know that there are MANY other things that I left out of the equation. However, you have to be willing to value and cherish in order to have something to value or understand. One thing I didn’t mention, & I should make sure isn’t left off the list is your friends (and obviously family). Your friends will never agree w/ everything you say & you won’t agree with all of their viewpoints. However, when you sit down & just realize that it’s just one conversation & nothing worth holding onto, you start to grow & learn that it’s not worth being mad over stupid things. To this day, I’m still w/ someone who I thought was a friend over a female that he liked & never expressed his feelings towards. We hardly talk, & that’s mainly due to us just not really being friends in the first place. I just think we don’t sometimes see what’s important past all of the foolishness & madness. I hope everyone enjoys reading this blog. I’m working on my next one right now. I’ve been kinda quiet in posting thoughts for a few days, but that’s gonna change. I went into a writing hibernation. That’s gonna change. Until next time, this is BT signing out. Take it easy.

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