Walking While Black

Sitting here looking at the blank boxes, getting my brain wrapped around how to talk about a touchy subject that friends know I should have talked about a while ago, it’s only fair to get this ball rolling & talk about how I feel. So, usually, the terms are driving while black, driving while intoxicated, or driving under the influence. Well, there’s a HIGH profile that goes around people forget about sometimes. It’s called walking while black. The interesting part is that the people face this the most are black men (like myself). I’m gonna take you all back down memory lane. I won’t carry you down that road long, but I wanna cause you to reminisce a little. Usually, when we go back & think about things, we try to bring up the good things that happened. Our intentions is to cloud those negative things in our head like they didn’t even happy or hardly exist in the first place. Well, as I’ve stated & talked about on numerous occasions, I got involved in some slight legal issues. I’m not here to go over every piece of what happened and what led to me to where I am. What I will get into, however, is how I found it to be coincidental that when the cops came to the house that night, they had enough cops to use force (if deemed necessary). I’ll give “Richmond City’s finest” credit for not going postal or thinking that I was a threat or had anything that could cause any harm or danger. Now, I’m gonna spin it but i’m spinning it to talk about society, & how things are portrayed, but we miss what isn’t presented sometimes. Whenever a situation happens or an incident occurs, when the police are involved, if you’re dealing with a racist cop, there’s a high possibility that the cop will ask if someone of the opposite race was involved. The one thing that I wanna say before I go any further is that if you’re able to invest energy into seeing or noticing that someone else is racist, then that could be a possibility that you may have a slight piece of racism in you. I honestly think that everyone does, & it doesn’t have to be against someone of the opposite race. One of my friends & I go into a console debate time and time again about which console is better. She will constantly point out things to me that I feel are relevant to prove her case but I don’t go back and forth with her, because regardless she’s set on seeing what she uses and is involved with is better. I honestly have no problem with that. If you feel how you feel, I’m not here to break that feeling. All I can tell you is that I enjoy what I enjoy…plain & simple. OK, like one of the guys says at the workforce center…FOCUS. I think I’m implementing that into my blog more often, so if you see FOCUS, I’m gonna find a way to steer you back on course. Anyways, these men who have been slain by cops (doesn’t matter the person slain’s race or the police officer’s race)…many of these individuals are unarmed.

New paragraph, & regain FOCUS…as far as I know, officer’s are taught to talk situations out and try to diffuse the problem. If that doesn’t work then you react to the situation in a forceful manner (if deemed necessary). A few days ago, my teacher that I’ve been working with said something that’s very true. For whatever reason, cops (and even people) are intimidated by black men. For what it’s worth, if a black male shows up somewhere, there’s this assumption or theory that he is going to do these things that not all black men even do. For instance, not all of us carry guns. Not all of us are on our girlfriends or families food stamps. Not all black men lack an education. Not all black men have been to jail. And even if we have (yeah I’m going there), we don’t have this “rap sheet” that makes us look like we are the armed individual who doesn’t know anything about the law. And to go back to the carrying of a gun, there are some black men who actually have the proper registration to carry a gun. And to really shock you, there are some people who have a gun and have no reason to keep it armed and ready.

This blog is really about to blow everyone’s mind, including mine. The biggest problem with people not having open minds about what goes on is that people are scared to educate themselves. I can sit here & write blogs over & over about various topics (domestic violence, substance, black men being killed, family disputes, etc), but if there are no round-table discussions, then nothing gets accomplished & no movement is involved. I found it to be very coincidental this morning that a friend of mine suggested that I attend her church, & I will admit that I loved the message. When you’re participating in communion, our church covenant states that when you leave your church, you should unite with another church to walk together in Christian love. Well, I have thought about this a little, & decided to fellowship at various churches to get various flavors of the message. I hope to visit churches outside of Richmond & even Virginia if I’m lucky. I think that being open-minded won’t cause me to become close-spirited. I hope that one didn’t hurt anyone. Nonetheless, I attended service, & the pastor there had a HUGE message called “How to Get away with Murder…Stop You’re under Arrest”. When I heard the title, something told me that I was gonna listen. What I found to be interesting is that this message started from where the youth pastor at my church left off (somewhat in her sermon). Regardless, life does things for it’s intended purpose. I copied this & made it a image on Instagram and all of my other social media pages…”When your enemy tells you to turn right, you’d better turn left.” So here’s one that we as people need to break down…we sometimes like to run into the face of wrongdoing thinking it won’t be so bad. Just making that simple decision of going away from that & taking a better route will cause you to think about making your next move your best move. Going back to education (FOCUS), one thing that a lot of people don’t do is KNOW THEIR COMMUNITY. We should be doing the right things to let others know where we stand & how we feel instead of being silent. Now, there’s a thin line to that. All over the city, there have been protests & presentations of frustration over what has happened. The main thing we have to remind ourselves is that all of these things may not bring someone back, but it does show that the unity that occurs during these rallies should show up where it matters…IN THE COMMUNITY. One song I remind one of my friends all the time is “you can’t blame the youth, you can’t fool the youth” (Bob Marley & Peter Tosh). So, going back to the community, we don’t involve the community where it matters most. Let alone, we don’t involve ourselves with the community. One other piece to add is that silent protests never hurt either. As I’ve done online, I always post songs or pictures that are my ways of showing that I don’t like what’s going on out there & I am impacted by what I’m seeing.

I know that I could go on & on about this topic, but I’m going to point out one thing, & then I’ll let this go. What people sometimes fail to realize is that there are lots of stories that don’t make the news (negative AND positive). The positive stories NEVER make it public. The negative are hidden behind stories that cover more TV space. A news channel’s objective is to keep you watching their channel for as long as possible to bring in revenue. That’s just what it comes down to. If a channel like CNN or MSNBC decides to cut to another topic outweighing Mike Brown, the producer working that particular station would be fired on the spot. And on the flip side, there are actually people of multiple races who have been protesting along with various individuals showing forms of endearment and affection in Ferguson to one-another, but these stories have to be found under a rock. Don’t cause the media to TAINT us. Doing this causes you to hate or not be fond of people who didn’t do anything to you. If we all held grudges with our ancestors, then everyone on this earth would be dead. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth makes the whole world deaf & blind. The question I have is what would gain in doing this? If you have an answer to this, please let me know. I just wish that people would come together BEFORE these things happen. Having people sit in a circle and talk it out about issues that are at hand is something folks don’t do anymore. As someone told me, & I’m working on it…coming into the conversation with an open mind and even an open heart will help make you not become salty when speaking to others on issues that are going on in the world. One last thing…LISTEN INSTEAD OF SPEAKING. If you invest that response to taking time to listen to what someone is telling you, you just might hear something that will cause you think harder about your response to something that may not even deserve a response.

I will admit that I love the skin I’m in, & I wouldn’t change it for the world. I know that I mostly talked about this based on black men, but the truth is that being a black woman is tough as well. Walking while black will continue to be a crime as long as people allow it to be a crime. Don’t give anyone a reason to think you’re doing anything simp, & you have nothing to worry about. And cops, be tactful. If you’re not supposed to choke someone, then don’t choke them. If you’re meant to talk things out before finding your gun, then talk. Killing someone that didn’t do anything wrong & turning your indictment into an indication that nothing is going to happen is what causes our growth to stunt. I hope you all enjoyed reading this & I apologize that it’s very long. I realized that it’s got lots of substance behind it, & I Wanted to make sure I left nothing behind. Until next time, the Mad Blogga is doing what he does, & as always, I’M AUDI.

By the way, year in review will be worked on over the next three weeks. I will highly be going into this year in review ready to keep the truth on it’s proper pedestal. Well, that’s all she wrote. Take care. Peace.

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