Filled Thoughts

So it looks like it’s been a while since I sat & wrote a blog. Anyone that knows me however, knows that I have no intentions of forcing or generating a blog that won’t draw any worthwhile attention. So, the last few days, I’ve been reading, thinking, & listening to music (average day for BT, right). Well, nonetheless, I have found something that I find to be interesting (and I’ll warn you now that this blog has NOTHING to do with the title). It turns out that we are prayer-snatchers. So, many of you may ask “What exactly is a prayer snatcher?” I’m glad that you asked. In a short summary, a prayer snatcher is someone who prays for something & then before they can say Amen, they’re doubting and questioning that something will happen. Let’s take myself for instance. I’ve been praying & keeping positive about finding a job & getting an opportunity to get on my feet. I didn’t sit and worry myself over what was out of my control (OK, I won’t lie, at times I did), but I did push to keep a positive attitude. I will admit that yesterday was a discouraging day. The past few days all around have been involving numerous thought processes. I was sitting dealing with being single, & then I came clean with expressing how I felt towards someone that I was on tape delay with showing my true feelings. If you missed out, then that’s all on you, & this one was all on me. But it also was a reason why I was kinda frozen on expressing my true feelings towards her. You sometimes are taught & forced to realize that your best friends are the ones that you may like, but you also know to NEVER go down that road. If you go down that road, sometimes it ends well, & other times, it ends up like a car crash meeting a wrecking ball (poor analogy, I know).

Nonetheless, we have to value those people who matter to us. What’s bad is when we question something that we feel we’re not deserving of, but it comes our way. I honestly wonder why that is. Part of me feels like we’re just not used to getting good things, while another part of me just thinks that it’s more than we can handle (so we think), when in reality, if it wasn’t meant for us, then we wouldn’t have gotten it in the first place. I know that was an intense run-on sentence, but it was a part of my random writing methodical madness.

So, I’ve been slowly sharing my ideas with others, but the biggest things I wanna return back to are designing web pages (yes there are still people who do this) & graphics design (I really will have to get some refresher courses on making my designs come together the way I want them to. This means that the MacBook pro will need to be in my life by the spring. Just keep your eyes and your mind open. I’m also pushing to work towards getting some designs under my belt that can bring in some sorta money that will help me with getting a computer to use for…wait for it…STREAMING. I’ve had the capture card for a while, but can’t use it on this molasses of a laptop. I can live with that though. When you purchase a netbook that has a slow processor along with hardly no memory, you take what comes with the territory. Just something to think about. Being a gamer and wanting to game the way I’ve wanted to for months, it’s a struggle. I’m gonna get it done. Just take in mind that you’ve been warned. I really need to get another 3 month subscription. OK, FOCUS. Yeah, I still have to post those from time to time. All I’m saying is that if you’re #teamBT, then I’m a part of your team. I’m gonna push hard to embrace a worthwhile player 2 (when it’s time). My true gamers & nerds know what I’m referring to in saying this. Oddly enough, it’s far from a priority right now. I’m just pushing to make the process as simple as possible. That’s what it all comes down to at the end of the day. I am not gonna vent a/b the wrong things since this is a public blog. The journal will get that attention.

Well, this is one of my brief/quick blogs that I needed to write, but it was better that I get a few thoughts off of my chest. I’ve been working on writing a little more outside of the box of various titles I’ve got sitting around on my phone that aren’t the end of the world. I’ll get more thoughts shared more frequently, & most of all, I’ll be writing more thoughts for myself in order to make it a little easier to vent to the masses of my readers. I know I don’t have a bunch of followers, & I can live with that. I personally have never concerned myself with any of that. I hope that you all enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. There are a few blogs that you may have missed, & if you did, just click on the main link & it will take you to the blogs themselves. I’ve been writing only as I know how. Until next time, this is BT signing out & remember, the realness is strong, which means it isn’t going nowhere anytime soon.

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